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  1. I havea 26 Buick with remote oil filter. It is a AC Filter. I need lines to block. AC part numbers are FT 14N and FT 18. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. I'm going to install lap type seat belts from www.andoauto.com on my 48 Ford Conv. Wife wants shoulder type. I don't see how you can use shouder type on a Conv. Thanks
  3. I send my bumper guards to chrome plater and they lost them. They won't help find others or give refubnd. They fit a 26 Buick standard. I need front and rear for Weed Brand bumpers. I believe other years fit. thanks
  4. Are Bend-Pak Lifts any good? I'm looking at a 4-post #9,000 unit. Thanks
  5. Do you know if a 26 Standard gear is the same. I have a good used one.
  6. I'm replacing the wire looms on my 26 Buick with stainless but can't fend the ends and tees. Thanks
  7. I'm looking for upper hinge bolts on 26 Buick Model 26-27. These go in upper front door hinge and go through header above windsheild with slotted end outside. thanks
  8. I'm looking for floorboard for 48 Ford Conv. Does anyione make them? Thanks
  9. Wanted, Fenders for 48 Ford must be rust free.Thanks
  10. Has anyone purchased an AutoMack brand car cover? Any good? I am looking for just a cotton car for my 48 Ford Conv. Thanks
  11. Did the 26 Buicks come with washers under the wheel nuts? It doesn't look like the nuts seat straight on the wheel clamps. Has anyone used washers and what size? I have tried to find stainless washers. Thanks
  12. I just bought a 48 Conv and engine is real tired. Would like to do some modification. Is they any books that would give me ideas on what to do? Thanks
  13. I'm planning on replacing the runningboards and trim on my 26 Buick Model 27. What is correct rubber mat to use, Mine has a red one now? Also what is correct trim? Thanks
  14. I'm going to look at a 48 Ford conv. for sale today. What would be a good speed be on the highway? Thanks
  15. I'm rebuilding my 26 Buick engine and the fellow that is doing the crank and babbitt work only uses 15-40 in all the engines they do. Has had very good luck in the last five years.
  16. I would like to paint my carb. First I will glass bead it. I noticed Eastwood has a silver carb. paint. Has anyone used it and is it any good? What I have is a NOS rebuilt carb that has been setting around for quite awhile and want it to look like new. Thanks
  17. To carbking, I'm putting a Stromberg carb BXVD-3 marking on base to a 26 Buick intake manifold which I have turned upside down to use the down-draft carb. A fellow in Austrilia has used a Stromberg carb with a BXV-3 marked on base. I need a 1 1/4" opening at base of carb. I beleive the BXV-3 has a 1 1/4" opening while my BXVD-3 has a 1 1/2" opening. I can make an adapter but can I use the other base on my carb? Thanks for any info. Steve
  18. I'm looking for base to Stromberg carb used on Dodge trucks. Number on cast iron base is BXV-3, Thanks
  19. I'm looking for the cast iron base to a stromberg carb. Number on base is BXV-3, Thanks
  20. Looking for camshaft bearings for 26 standard and rear axle locks for same. thanks
  21. Looking for 1954 Ford 2-dr or hardtop, must be rust free and complete. Motor or trans. not important. thanks
  22. Looking for 1954 Ford 2dr or hartop. Must be rust free and complete. engine or trans not important. Thanks
  23. I'm looking for clutch linings and brake linings for my 26 Buick standard. Thanks
  24. I havea 26 Buick Standard and am going to put a 27 Standard crankshaft in the 26 engine. The 27 has counter weights where the 26 doesn't. Any tricks in putting one in. I have seen a few done up here in Maine but can't seem to find the older gentleman that did it. They run a lot smoother. Also where can I find alum. pistons and rings for the 26 Standard? Also gasket sets. Does any one in New England states do babbiting? Thanks
  25. Any engine rebuilting shop should have the valve stem seals. I know the local NAPA store rebuilds heads and have all sizes of them.
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