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  1. I found some 28-29 Ford truck mirrors that will work fine.
  2. Has any one bought 39-47 Outside Mirrors from cars, in. Part number MKL397. If so could you e-mail a picture of them on a car. I think I can use them on my 27 Buick woodie. i need a mirror that will mount on the wood door with wood scews. thanks
  3. I'm restoring a 1927 Buick woodie wagon (one of a kind). Looking for outside mirrors that will mount on the wood doors with wood screws. Thanks for any help.
  4. Matt, No problem, I sure won't use La Cucaracha. Just looking for some good old songs. I guess I will have to buy a 12 volt horn and use my 12 volt battery-pak that I have wired a 12 volt cig socket under dash out of site and I used my GPS on trip to Stowe meet this past week-end. Steve
  5. Well, its my car and I'll do whatever I want to it.
  6. What is a good brands of musical horns?? Thanks
  7. I have a friend who is restoring a 1926 Standard 2-door sedan. All he has is the seats springs. If some could e-mail me pictures of front and rear seats and door panels It sure would help him Thanks Steve Smith ssmith105@maine.rr.com
  8. Has anyone purchased a Wolo Model 336 Musical Horn?? Thanks
  9. What is outer rear axle nut torque on a 1927 buick Standard?? thanks
  10. I need mirrors that will screw into the wood doors. Must have screw holes on outside of mirror base. I have used mirrors that go on the door hindges from Labaron bonney on my 26 Buick Sedan. Actually they where Model A mirrors that you use the hinge pin. This car has a custom build mahogany wood body so it uses inside hinges instead of stock Buick hinges. Thanks
  11. Has any purchased their MKL397-1 Mirron Kit. These are left and right outside mirrors that use crews from the outside to anchor to door?? I'm doing a 1927 Buick Woodie and they look like they might fit on my wood doors. Their Websiter doesn't show a clear picture. If someone has used these mirrors or any type that mount with screws, could you e-mail me pictures. THANKS ssmith105@maine.rr.com
  12. Has any one purchasd their MKL397-1 These are left and right outside mirrors that use screws from outside to anchor to door. I'm doing a 1927 Buick Woodie and look likt they might work. Car.Inc web site doesn't really show a good picture. If some has used them could you e-mail me a couple of pictures.Thanks ssmith105@maine.rr.com
  13. I just bought 10 Lester Tires, 5 Whitewalls for my 26 Buick and 5 blackwalls for my 27 Buick woody. Very happy with them. They are MADE IN USA.
  14. To unimogjohn, Thanks for info, I have been down toRhode Island Wiring before and have bought from them a few times. I have their catalog. I guess I will use 12 gauge for headlights and battery to ignition. Then 14 gauge for the rest. I'm going to install a 6 Volt headlight relay so the juice will go directly to headlights instead of through switch. Also going to mount a 6 volt horn relay under dash. Thanks Steve Falmouth, ME
  15. BOB I could use info on what gauge wire to use on the differant circuits. Thanks Steve
  16. I need to rewire my 27 Buick Woodie. Most of the wire is destroyed. What gauge to use for each circuit? Thanks
  17. These pieces came out of 1926 Model 27. It includes the two posts in front of the front doors and the curved piece under windshield behind dash. They were used but I used them for a pattern to made new pieces for my 1927 Model 27 Woodie.
  18. I have an intake and an exhaust manifold for a 1927 Buick standard. The exhaust has a bolt hole on the very front and the very back, some had this and some didn't. Like to get $125 for both plus shipping from Falmouth, ME I can e-mail pictures. Steve
  19. I have a good door postthat goes in front of door and cross piece that goes under windshield. You're welcome to them for shipping costs. I got these for patterns for my 27 Woodie wagon. Steve
  20. I Think LaBaron Bonney sells them if not they have the material. Good Luck
  21. I need the rubber wheel liners for both my 26 Buick and 27 Buick. The old ones are a little under 4" wide. Al I can find is 5" wide liners which I think are too wide. I;m using 600 -21 tires on the 26 and 525-550-21 on the 27 Buick. Does anyone know where to get the correct liners?? Thanks
  22. Has anyone worked on a EA power horn Model F made by EA Laborators . I have a horn made by them that I'm planning on using on my 27 Buick. The motor end works fine but no sound. Looks like vibrating part needs work. Thanks Steve
  23. I'm looking for a horn for my 27 Buick, Thanks Steve
  24. Has anyone replaced fan hub oiler on a 48 Ford with a sealed bearing/ Thanks
  25. MARK Would that be same as your son's 29 Buick, I'm using a 28 distributor on my 27 and a 29 distributor on my 26. A lot easier to get all the parts at NAPA and cheaper. thanks Steve
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