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  1. Hello, wanted to let you know I have a barn find 58 and have done some clean-ups/improvements with the original appearance intact. Just keep looking on the internet and go to some swap meets, you'll come across parts there. What shape is the rest of the car.. It's a great car.
  2. Hello if you haven't bent the float rod, I would suspect a saturated float or a bad needle valve/seat, seal. Mark Shaw has a great idea how to update/seal the cork float for the new (rotten) gas. As far as the seat/needle valve, I would remove the brass supply line to the carb after you drain the bowl and find a similar hose barb fitting and screw it into the bowl. Then attach some tygon hose to the barb fitting, now gently blow into the hose and see if the seat/needle stops your effort. Good Luck
  3. Hello, while I'm waiting for the weather to make up it's mind around here, so I can uncover my baby in the barn. In the mean time, I read a thread by Brian Heil about extra adjustments to the timing on his 23. Was there something written about this and the newer gas .. My 28-58 sure has a lot of fluffy carbon at the tailpipe, but runs pretty good. I've adjusted the valves at the 17 degree mark and worked on the carb but still think it could be better..Also I pulled new wire to the horn in the steering column and had to replace the broken zinc-pot metal levers and gears that control the tim
  4. Hello, I wanted to check with the brain trust before I made a bad move. I picked up a nice emblem at a garage sale for my 28- 58, and it appears as thought it was mounted on the radiator. It has a piece of all thread attached to it 4-5 inches long by 8-32 thread with rubber washers and a 4 sided nut. Was this a common location for emblems back then? I' m not sure how rugged those Harrison radiators are.. I already have a vintage emblem on the rear plate.. Thanks
  5. Hello, I was able to replace the wood by the quarter windows on my 28-58 and the hardest part was slipping the tenons in place. I had to shorten and bevel them to slide in with persuasion from a block of wood and a rubber hammer. These pieces had the radius which met the radius of the metal. I was able to borrow a tinner folding tool to spread the metal enough and slide thin pieces metal under the metal window wrap to coax them around the new wood. The fit didn't happen right away and had to be removed a few times to remove some wood to fit. That piece of metal has a lot of strength where it
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