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  1. I have a 26-27 Buick that was restored 35 years ago by a friend of mine. He had a new visor made at a local sheet metal shop. I have never had it covered but it is an exact copy of the orginial. I was at LeBarron Bonney a couple of week ago and they can make a cover for it. good luck.
  2. I just had pistond made for my 27 standard by Arias in CA. Very pricey $1150 for 6 but I needed .30 oversize. They have nice pistons, used them in my 26 two years ago. Good Luck
  3. How do you remove the windup windshield handle on a 27 standard?. My 26 has a scew in middle of handle. The 27 doesn't, it hasn't been used since 1942. Thanks
  4. How much end play should there be in the rear wheel roller bearings on a 27 Standard? Mine seem to move in and out quite a bite. Does it need more spacers and where to buy the spacers? Thanks
  5. 4 fenders from 48 Ford Conv. Left rear rust free, Other 3 have small rust bottom fenders. Includes front inner fenders. Can e-mail pictures. $400 plus shipping
  6. A friend of mine is looking for headlight lenses and rims for his 26 Buick. Thanks
  7. The rear roller bearings seem to move in and out. Should there be any play? Also where can I find the inner washer as one was missing? Thanks
  8. I'll drive the 27 buick maybe 1,000 to 1,500 miles per year. I do have Lesters on my 26 Buick and very pleased with them but kind of pricy.
  9. I noticed prices on Universal tires seem to be a lot cheaper than other brands. Are they as good?? I'm looking for 450/475-21 or 525/550-21 for my 27 Buick woodie. Thanks
  10. Is a Delco 640Y distributor the same as a 640A or 640J? Thanks
  11. I'm looking for a mirror with wood screws to mount on the wood door of my 27 Buick woodie wagon. Thanks
  12. I'm looking for a Delco 640A distributor to put in my 27 buick. Thanks
  13. MARK Is Bob's good quality as I have bought some things from him that was not good quality? Thanks steve
  14. I'm getting ready to replace runningboard material and trim on both my 1926 Model 27 and my 1927 Model27 which was made into a woodie wagon in 1927. Who has good material and correct trim pieces? One of my cars has alum trim on rear of runninmgboard next to rear fender and the other has a metal plate painted same color as fender. Which way is correct. Thanks
  15. Looking for Delco 640 or 650 Distributor for 28-30 Buick. thanks
  16. Looking for a 1928-30 Buick distributor. Thanks
  17. What is an average cost to re core my 27 Buick rad? It looked good to me but i think the rad. shop put too much air pressure and blew top apart. I told them not to use air pressure.
  18. I'm looking for some type of grease gun adapter to grease my 27 Buick. Also looking for brake lining material. I called Bob's and he doesn't know if he sells the soft lining material or the hard type. I used the hard type ( like they use on wrinches) and it kink of wore out the drums on another car.. Thanks
  19. On page 101 of LeBarron Bonney's Spring and Summer catalog they list several GM visors. TK1-TK4 I beleive this is metal visor with covering on it. Good Luck Steve
  20. Fred LeBaron Bonney lists one in their catalog for GM cars Good Luck Steve
  21. Where can I find a front transmission seal for a 27 Buick standard. It is a piece of felt that goes in a holder. Has anyone found a modern seal that will work? thanks
  22. Mark, I called Egge for pistons $1150, they sell Arias pistons. I called Arias under my company name and $882 including rings. Quite a difference. I had used Arias before in my 26 Buick and had very good luck. Thanks Mark Steve
  23. I'm loking for pistons for my 27 Buick Standard in either .020 or .030 size with rings. Thanks
  24. I'm looking for a front bumper with brackets for a 27 Buick standard. It needs to have two bars like a Weed Brand Bumper. I beleive 26 might be the same. Thanks
  25. I am looking for the hand brake handle parts for a 1927 Model 27. Thanks
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