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  1. I'm looking for a starter drive for my 1926 Buick. Can't find one anyplace. Would anyone have any interchange books that might list one from another car that would fit. The armature number is D16588 and 11 tooth drive gear. Thanks for any Help.
  2. I'm looking for a starter drive for a 26 Buick, Also does anyone have the part number?? Thanks
  3. I'm looking for a petcock that goes in the water pump. Has 3/8" thread. I need two of them. Thanks
  4. Has anyone installed a diode in the gen. cut-out?? What did you use for a diode and is it easy to do?? Thanks
  5. I heard that someone has been rebuilding Delco Gen. cutouts and using some kind of diode in them. Has anyone know who does this and do they work good? Thanks
  6. I buy my antique car fan belts from Motion Industries, They can match any size belt . Also most bearing houses have belts. good Luck.
  7. I think I found why the headgasket was leaking. I forgot to re torque the head after running it for awhile. All I have found is NOS head gaskets that seemed have dried out. Does anyone make new gaskets?? Thanks
  8. I'm looking for a muffler for my 27 Buick standard. I bought one from waldrons, fit perfect but very loud. Sounds like a large truck coming down the street. I bought one years ago for my 26 Buick at NAPA but can't find the part number. Has anyone bought a good quiet muffler at a local parts store?? Thanks for any help.
  9. I have an oil leak on left side of engine. Coming someplace behind exhaust-intake manifold. I used dye in the oil and a black light but can't seem to see where it is coming from. Valve cover isn't leaking. Could the head gasket be leaking oil? I have never heard of it but maybe. Thanks for any help.
  10. I'm restoring a 1927 Buick model 27-27 Woodie Wagon. I was down to Lebarron Bonney and they have all the correct fabric right in stock. I did my 48 Ford Conv. with their kits and looks exactly like the org. material. Nice people to deal with. I'm only about 1 hr and 15 mns from their place. Good Luck
  11. Mark, Do you how much it would advance on a dist.machine?? Thanks It sure runs super at idle. Steve
  12. I have installed a 28 Buick Delco # 640J 71082 Dist. in my 27 Buick. It idles perfect but mech. advance doesn't work. I took it apart and cleaned and greased it. The plate inside says 25 degrees. Is this what the advance should be at full throttle?? I have afriend who has one of the old dist. machines to test it but wanted to know what it should read in degrees. Thanks for any help.
  13. I have put a 28 dist in my 27 Buick. It idles perfect but mechanical advance doesn't seem to work. Any ideas how to fix?? I like the 28 dist as I can go to napa for all the parts. Thanks
  14. I have a Stromberg BX3V down draft carb on my 27 Buick. Who does a good job rebuilding these carbs ?? Idles good but accel. pump doesn't seem to work good. I already but a kit in it, which didn't seem to help. Thanks
  15. I havea 27 Buick that I installed a 28 dist and gen. gear. Having a hard time setting the timing. Do you set it the same as a stock 27 Buick Dist. ?? Thanks
  16. I'm getting ready to install new kick panels on my 26 and 27 Buicks. I found the groove in floor boards but how do you fasten them to the wooden posts in front of front doors ?? The old panels were too far gone to tell. Coulld anyone e-mail pictures?? Thanks
  17. I have converted both my 26 and 27 Buicks to downdraft carbs. and electric fuel pumps. They both work excellant. You turn intake over and block heat tubes off. I used stromberg single barrel carbs off 40's dodge cars. I might be able to e-mail pictures. good Luck Steve
  18. I might be interested, where are they located Steve
  19. I changed both my 26 and 27 Buick to down draft carbs. Used stromberg one barrel off about 40 dodge 6 cyl. Also use electric fuel pump with pressure regulator. They both run super and start instancely. Just my thoughts
  20. On my 26 Buick Sedan and 27 Woodie I had everything chromed. I know its not the way it came but plater said the nickel doesn't last as long as chrome. I'm not a purest as I built both cars the way I wanted them. just my thoughts.
  21. I'm still having problems with the wiring on 26 Buick. I connected hot wire from starter (also hot wire from battery to left side of ammeter (charge side). On the right side ( discharge side) I connected the ignition switch, wire to voltage reg. and directional lights and stop lights. The more gas you give it the more it discharges on the meter, when turning lights on it starts to show charge. Thanks for any help.
  22. Somehow I deleted a message from someone on a 1928 Buick Clutch. Please e-mail again. Steve
  23. I had my chrome plater do the nickel on both my 26 and 27 Buicks and then had Uvira do their thing. Came out very good and a lot brighter.
  24. I'm working on the headlights for my 27 Buick. I need parts that go on the ends of wires that go from one connector to another inside the headlight housing. They are inside the light socket and look like they are soldered on but are actually a tack that is soldered to the wire. I have lost two of them. Thanks for any help.
  25. I'm looking for a couple of directional flasher holder. I'm using the round flasher that takes a bracket that mounts to firewall with one screw. I bought one some years ago at NAPA # 535 6volt that came with a nice holder. bought another today with no holder. Thanks for any help.
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