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  1. oooopppppssss Bob, you said "fart". I do not believe that is Buick related.
  2. Marck, I think this is starting to sound a little bit like a conspiracy. Stevo
  3. Just more examples of our government in action!
  4. Congratulations Bob on obtaining the Senior. Marck and Bob, thanks for posting everything. These are new shots and views of the Landau that we have not seen before. Lamar, you look like a kid in a candy store. I think Bob had better start locking up the Landau with all kinds of security before it miraculously appears at the Buick Ranch. Congratulations again Bob, and thanks again to Stealth Bob and Marck. Stevo
  5. Congratulations Nancy and Barney, may you enjoy many, many more years. You are truly a remarkable couple!!!!!!! Lana and Stevo
  6. Adam, I wish that I had half of your talent. You are making everybody envious.
  7. We border Canada and the idiots in this state insist on two plates. Hell, if they cut it to one, they can save a lot of money because they sure will not cut the cost of the registration. There was a brief time back in the 60's when they had one but then went back to two.
  8. Way to go, it is really starting to come together.
  9. My Honey with her new Lacrosse CXS that she got yesterday.
  10. Welcome, This is what I want to know, if it was a birthday present and if Mr Earl got it for you, doesn't it follow that he should have paid for the present that he got for you? Again, welcome....a great looking car!! Stevo
  11. Sid, You should have called Joe and/or Roberta. You are really in for it now when they meet up with you.
  12. At this point, I do not know e=where mine might be since we are still unpacking but if you can not get one from Pgh, send me your address and if and when I locate it, it is yours.
  13. My Dad had a 1958 Roadmaster 75 two door coupe which was also a very low production model. If anyone has it, the last 4 of the vin are 7177. I do not know why I remember that but I do.
  14. Somewhere in the last 25-30 years, GM woke up to the fact that they had better include women in the design and sale of cars. Along with that, women were promoted to positions that put them in charge of certain brands. I know of one such woman that Iused to work with at Harrison Radiator that was elevated to top positions at Buick Motor Division. I will not mention her name so as not to be accused of name dropping. Harley Earl started that concept but then it was forgotten somewhere along the line. Thankfully, Buick along with the remaining GM Divisions are getting their heads out of certain orifices and are moving along with some new designs and concepts that will wake up the buying public. After being thrown under the bus by the GM and Delphi upper management ranks, I still wish them well. Stevo
  15. Dan, Happy belated birthday again, enjoy and think of the Buick rascals when you look at the poster. Stevo
  16. Thanks, nothing further to add.
  17. serb


    I agree with both Derek and JD, I believe it is allowed that more than one presentation can be made at a national gathering of the brotherhood/sisterhood of Buicks. Damn, I have to try to make it this year.
  18. Sharon, Congratulations on the 'New" Buick. Not only was it a birthday present but it arrived for the new year. It is a great looking car and you will enjoy driving and showing it as you work on it this year. Right now you are at the start of Summer, so, ENJOY!
  19. I've got an extra 46 grill that is in my shed and that is where it will stay. If I ever need it, I know where to find it.
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