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  1. Too damn bad they do not remember people that gave them their lives, sweat and tears.
  2. serb

    192 btw

    Derek, I will make sure you get to taste the Plum Brandy or as it is called , Slivovitza. If I ever get to another breakfast, you will be the first. Talking about firsts, that was the only breakfast I was able to make so far. Glad everybody had a great time, glad everybody got home safe and sound, sad that we could not attend again. Stevo
  3. JD, Congratulations Man. Humble as a an could be, was atmy home a couple of hours ago and did not say anything about being presented with the very prestigious "Buickman Award". Again, Congratulations to you, JOHN. Stevo
  4. Yes, thanks for the pictures. As usual, everything AFU around here, good thing I am not there.
  5. Anybody want to buy some pictures? I was present when he loaded it on the trailer for it's trip from the Empire State to the Peach State. Don't worry Lamar, I will not spoil your fun.
  6. JD, legal as legal can be, just make sure Mike Middelton partakes.
  7. JD, I'll give you a call so we can figure out where and when. We are still open for your group to stop for a BBQ.
  8. JD, I need to hook up with you so I can get my Yankee Swap donation to you. Lamar was not going to be able to take it.
  9. you know my thoughts on 58 RMs, I'll be there to pick it up.
  10. Mike, you have to hang in there for both of us.
  11. As has been the case over the past couple of years, I will be unable to attend. (The Buick Rascal Gang knows why I can not be there). I will be there in spirit and who knows, something just might appear at the breakfast in my name. Have fun gang!!
  12. Go get 'em Dandy, have a good trip.
  13. May her memory be eternal.
  14. serb

    58 limited

    Adam, take a break for the Christmas Holiday and enjoy life. You have been burning that candle at both ends.
  15. Bob, I just spotted a 59 in a car lot today but it was way in the back and I did not have time to stop, i will get back this coming week.
  16. What are you going to do with it, stick it under your nose?
  17. Pete, what kind of time frame are you talking about for storing it before you get it shipped?
  18. Pete, John just called me and explained the situation. I'll make a couple of calls and see if i can get somebody to store it. It sounds like it needs to be done right away, will the seller hold it for a little while? I'll give you a call tomorrow when I might know something.
  19. Not good news. I corresponded with him when he was getting the history for my '46, what a guy!!
  20. Two of my favorites, 57 RM and 58 RM, two door coupes. Actually the 58 was a RM 75 and there was a limited number of 57's with the 75 package. I say, keep all of them.
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