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  1. Trying to find a oil leak on my 64 300. Do the oil journals to the rocker arms come up at the front of the motor on both sides? If so, the heads are specific to right or left? Got a substantial oil leak somewhere above the starter and it's quite evasive . Doesn't seem to be coming from the intake manifold or valve cover gaskets.
  2. I had a 63 with a 401 and used e15 here in Iowa for 10 years with no problems
  3. Thanks Willie, Is that the front or rear? What is the other? I'm leaking at both ends.
  4. Does anyone know the National (or whoever) part number for front and rear 1964 300 Neoprene Main seals? My local parts guys are giving that look ????
  5. I'VE seen Mr Earl's. There is a very extensive one out there
  6. Somewhere here I've seen a checklist for selling a car or listing for sale. Does anyone remember where it is? Was it Reatta??
  7. Thanks Sean Appreciate the information
  8. Any idea where it was built? Or was there only one plant in Canada. Maybe it's on the firewall plate?
  9. Anyone familiar with Canadian Vin numbers? Looking at a 64 Skylark up Nortd. First five digits are 44337. I'm aware U.S. VIN's are 4... Buick Letter ...... Identifying factory and so on
  10. Glory be and praise to Buick. I just got a call from Keystone my bumpers are done.:cool:
  11. Hey Ted, I have a niece's wedding in Springfield that same Friday as the National. But wrong of side of family. I will give a shout to Clint. I'll try to look you up in Springfield
  12. I still like the Ray Price version best, but hey Elvis is the KING!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. Lamar, That was a awesome time with you and Bob. Please forward him my best. I have a pic of the former 1st lady in the back seat:rolleyes: in my garage. What was the name of that model?? We found her name???? She sure was purrtty Let me clarify that. The picture is of the 1st lady in the Landau. That picture is hanging in the garage next to the picture I got from GM Photo Store of the Landau:o I still have my Landau shirt and it is my favorite. Maybe it's time to wash it.
  14. Looking for someone with a inside contact at Keystone. They've had my front/rear 72 GS455 bumpers for 3 1/2 months and now they're not returning my calls for the past 2 weeks. This is a reputable company I've dealt with in the past but it's starting to worry me. Getting someone to pickup the phone is a problem. The rear bumper is a N25 which aren't easy to find. Any help appreciated. Rick
  15. Paul and Mary Ann thinking of and praying for you both. Keep the faith. Rick and Janet
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