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  1. What is the problem, you keep all of them. Do you want to trade one for an 83 Riv Convertible?
  2. Looks good, did you get a look at it?
  3. This car is about as perfect as they come. I thought mine was in excellent shape but this one is fantastic. Buick tri shield above the radio is added, did not come with the car. Somebody should jump on this. Ed, I still have my seat belt bracket covers.
  4. I hope they did not remove anything that you will need when you recover.
  5. Are these cars in Germany or stateside?
  6. JD, whatever the story line, I am still proud of you! Stevo
  7. My condolences and sympathy to Dave's family. We exchanged emails at times. I met Dave in Flint a couple of years ago, he and I got along as if we had been friends for many, many years. It a very interesting conversation I had with him as he showed me some of the papers he had and shared the information. DAve always had time to devote to all of us Buick people answering questions and looking up all kinds of info. May his memory be eternal. Stevo
  8. Yep, we start at 7:00 am. Hopefully I will hear the phone depending on how close I am to the noisy trucks.
  9. serb

    On my way

    Frank, Have a Buickful trip! Stevo
  10. Berta, I'll be at work but i do have skype on my i-phone. What do you think? I think you have my cell number, if not......716 430-7511. Stevo
  11. Sniffle,, sniffle.....tears, great big elephant tears................missing another one. There is always next year!!!! Stevo
  12. Hey Joe, Hang in there Old Man!!!
  13. Got mine today, read most of it. Nice and very interesting article on the 56X Century convertible. As usual, another great and outstanding job by our editor extrordinaire.....Pete Phillips!!! The "B" Magazine makes the third one for us since Lana has a 2011 Lacrosse and I have a 2012 Lacrosse. For those that have not seen the magazine "B" sent to Buick owners, you are in for a treat.
  14. serb


    I agree with Dandy!
  15. Anytime Bob, just let me know ahead of time so i can make arrangements to be home instead of out partying!!
  16. Again, I regret to say that I will not be there. I take solace in the fact that I was one of the organizers in the very first Forum Breakfast Meeting. Have fun, be safe, and may everybody win awards at the Nationals and have a great time with the Yankee Swap. Stevo
  17. A wonderful slate to pick from, it was a very difficult choice but sometimes in life....choices need to be made. As has been said, who ever the winners are, the BCA is the biggest winner. Good luck to all of the candidates and I wish you all the best regardless of the outcome. I sent Lana's and My ballot in yesterday, in an envelope! Everybody....VOTE, VOTE, VOTE!! Stevo
  18. Rob, Jim.........Too Much!! Jim, PM and email sent to you, check them out. Stevo
  19. Bernie, Welcome back, nice to see you up and at 'em.
  20. Yes!!!!! AACA, BCA and ROA Member. I have attended meets from BCA and AACA. Each has it own personality which is good. Why belong to both if they are the same. Our AACA Chapter here in the Buffalo Area is very active. The BCA Chapter is trying like hell but it is always the same people but it gives everyone a chance to get together and talk Buicks on a Buickful Day. (Stole that one from JD) The ROA Chapter is virtually defunct. That's enough from me, Brian.....GREAT JOB! All three magazines are great in their own special way.
  21. Fantastic, you just made a whole bunch of us very envious.
  22. Don, Remember, keep one foot moving, this is not a flop house. or....Shake a leg. or....that is enough of that. Get well, we all hope that your pain is manageable. Don't push it, it sounds like you probably did quite a bit of damage based on the 8-10 weeks for weight. Get well. Stevo
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