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  1. This is more than likely a Super. The front fender looks like the shorter one cpompared to the Roadmaster.
  2. I was going to mention the black shoes, it is a good thing you jumped in first. Although, I am sure there was a shoe store in the vicinity.
  3. Bob, It is finally starting to come together, a long way to go but it is lookin'good.
  4. Let me know how you made out. Stevo
  5. Beautiful, and the car is also pretty good looking. Great color.
  6. Lamar, that is a 46, I am looking for some great door sills. That looks like it could be a Super by the looks of the front fender length.
  7. What is up there that might just fit my 46?
  8. Atta Boy Dandy!!!! You make the Buick Rascals proud. Stevo
  9. Jim, great job. I have been following your project and it is remarkable. stevo
  10. Mark, you will make it very easy for a whole bunch of guys to hate you. Where do you find all of this time? Just kidding folks, Mark knows that. stevo
  11. Jerry, Great looking car. If I remember correctly, I think you stole this car. It looks like it is almost perfect. Good luck and enjoy. Stevo
  12. Bill, I have the same problem. It is somewhat bearable in the summer with the windows open but it comes in handy on those chilly nights or if you use it into the fall. I guess that is the difference between Buffalo and Austin. Stevo
  13. Welcome aboard to all of the new members and Mike, a great looking 57.
  14. This is the same post I put in last year: "May all of our veterans from all wars find their special place in Heaven. I am proud to say that my Dad, his Brother, my Father-in-law and four of my Dad's cousins, my Mother's Brother were all part of the Greatest Generation. Of all of them, we had one death and my Uncle was a POW being liberated at about 95 lbs, down from about 170. Do not forget our heroes from WWII". Let us also pay homage to all of our veterans both past and present. Again, God bless the Men and Women of the United States Armed Forces. I will also add very proudly that my two brothers (USMC) both served in Vietnam and I am a veteran of the US Army, Vietnam War Era.
  15. Bernie, I was in Brockport the other day, I had my eyes open looking for ya but no luck. Maybe next time.
  16. Bill, it is such a good thing that we are all friends. Just think about what would happen if all of this kidding was not in jest.
  17. Pete, I think you are twisting the knife in the backs of all those up there in Minnesota. They are all crying and whimpering.
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