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  1. Hey Sister!!! Nice pictures. I was there on the 6th. You captured the essence of the first official day.
  2. Thanks Roberta. There were some members that thought I was being a wise guy but I see there were many that needed to clarify the schedule. The 7-3-05 update is there even though there is no change from the previous schedule which still says 3-15-05 revision. Thanks again....see you all in Batavia. [color:\\"blue\\"] [color:\\"blue\\"]
  3. The heat must be playing tricks with my mind....I could have sworn that I finally saw an update to the events dated 7-3-05. When I went back in to print the update, it was gone. ???????????what happened?????????? [color:\\"red\\"]
  4. Almost July 1st and still no update of the Batavia events. The last update was in March. It would be nice to know what to expect and how to plan.
  6. Nice pics and keep lookin". Enjoyed your posting.
  7. I have seen build sheets placed under the driver's seat. It will be shoved in between the seat upholstery and the frame. One problem is....it might be dry rotted from heat and humidity. You have to pull it out very carefully and then try to place the pieces together so you can copy it. Hopefully you will not be missing as much as I did. [color:\\"blue\\"]
  8. GREAT, GREAT PICTURES. Enjoyed them and hope to see more now that show season is here.
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