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  1. If you look him up, he turns up in quite a few other forums all saying the same thing. Bastard.
  2. Good to see it is coming along Billy. Not a Buick question but an American speak question. You have written "soldering" but listening to American TV shows it sounds like"Soder" Is it written as soldering but yet pronounced soder (sodder)?? Or is a local area thing ?? Danny
  3. Did you check that it did have the infamous by-pass valve fitted ??? Seen quite a few that were removed by people that thought it would help circulation and instead, it kills it. Danny
  4. Welcome aboard fellow '39er. She looks like a beaut and all there. What's the plan with her ?? Restore it ?? If you are new to the throttle start system, just beware that if the engine is startable, make sure that it is in neutral or the clutch is depressed. If the ignition is on, it's in gear and you push the throttle pedal, it will take off. It seems obvious but seen it happen. Always amazes me that these old girls keep turning up next week. Good luck with it. Danny
  5. Dang she's looking good there Billie !! Danny
  6. G'Day, There is a cable that mounts on the steering column and goes down to the selectors. It moves the selector shaft in and out to move from 1st and reverse to 2nd and 3rd. My guess is the problem is that cable. They tend to break at the entry to the shaft going into the gearbox. Danny
  7. G'day all, With the exception of a couple I kept for myself, I gave them all away. They went to all corners of the planet. Danny
  8. G'day old mate Been a while since I've stuck my head in for a look see. She's really coming along nicely and is looking good. Looking forward to seeing it with a coat of paint. What colour are you going with ?? Danny
  9. Well done John. They are around. I picked up a NOS set a few years ago on Ebay. Payed a bit for them but hey, they're not making them anymore. Danny
  10. G'day John and welcome aboard. Well done on becoming a '39 Buick owner. You are now a member of a very elite group. Danny
  11. Wow, sounds like a trip to heaven and back Al. Great report and nice to see so many '39s at once. Danny
  12. Welcome aboard !! NO idea what that is. To the best of my knowledge that is. What does the wiring connect to ?? Danny
  13. It may sound like a stupid comment but do make sure it is in neutral. Not good if it fires up in gear. I say this as a bloke here years ago started his '46 in front of a wall............. Danny
  14. G'day John Hope these are better. It is made from .55mm wire. The pics should show what you want. When pushing the throttle, that link bar goes up, the fast idle screw should be pushed away from the cam by the spring. When foot off the throttle, that bar goes down. The bar pulls the fast idle screw onto the cam overcoming the spring. I think that makes sense. Danny
  15. G'day John. Sorry it took a while to get back but haven't been home for a bit. Is this the spring you're after ?? If you haven't dug one up locally, PM me your address and I'll post you one over. I have a few. Danny
  16. G'day Billy. I'd have to agree with everything Matt said. The carb sits on top of a giant mass of iron that retains heat. When you shut the engine off, a lot of the fuel just boils off out of the carb. Danny
  17. If I had it Billy, I'd put it on my engine. It is all positive and no negative. Once the cover is on, no one will ever know it's there anyway. Just my 2 bobs worth. Danny
  18. G'day Billy, If you don't get something local, let me know and I'll have a scrounge through my stuff. Danny
  19. How could anyone not like a '38 Century !!! Danny
  20. "Ring us back with some MPG figures when these are done, and then we'll talk about setting the float level in the carb, (carby for Danny and folks down under). Mike in Colorado" Bugger !!! I thought carbs were something you avoided to stop getting fat. :) How's it hanging these days cobber ?? Danny
  21. She's coming along nicely Billy. It's a great straight eight mate.. :) Danny
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