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  1. The mail shastaholmes@outlook.com was give me from Cortes a member of buick prewar
  2. Good morning all this message is for all members who are passionate about old vehicles and who are restoring a Buick I sent money to someone (shastaholmes@outlook.com) in return for a horn for my 1934 Buick sedan 67. Beware of this gentleman, he's a THIEF, he scammed me for 285 euros I will file a complaint against him, even if I live in France, it's not a problem Here I wanted all the Buick prewar site to know, and if anyone can give me a solution to help me get this money back, so much the better Of course I'm always looking for two horns for my Buick Maxime BATTAGLIA
  3. where can y find a horn Thnak you for answser
  4. Hello, where can y find a horn for my Buick Thank you for an answser
  5. Hello, I would like to know how the accelerator is mounted on the wooden board, does anyone have a picture to show me thnak you
  6. thank you for the answer i l put one elctric
  7. Hello I am looking for a wiper motor and how I must be mounted and where can some body help me ?
  8. Good morning thank you very much for your pictures I will take the time to study them My Buick is a 1934 sedan 67
  9. Hello I'm trying to make the wooden frame. I don't know exactly how the two rear crossbars are attached to the side members Has anyone ever done this work?
  10. I have this manual, but there is no measurement or dimensions in this book
  11. I'm looking for the pivoting window support
  12. I would like to have advice on the measures of the woodwork, the attachment points, in particular the rear floor, the fixing methods ...
  13. I send photos of my work I would like to have advice
  14. I am currently redoing the interior woodwork and in particular the side rails, but I have no dimensions. Do you have documents or has someone done this work?
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