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    BUICK SEDAN model 67 year 1934

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  1. Good morning thank you very much for your pictures I will take the time to study them My Buick is a 1934 sedan 67
  2. Hello I'm trying to make the wooden frame. I don't know exactly how the two rear crossbars are attached to the side members Has anyone ever done this work?
  3. I have this manual, but there is no measurement or dimensions in this book
  4. I'm looking for the pivoting window support
  5. I would like to have advice on the measures of the woodwork, the attachment points, in particular the rear floor, the fixing methods ...
  6. I send photos of my work I would like to have advice
  7. I am currently redoing the interior woodwork and in particular the side rails, but I have no dimensions. Do you have documents or has someone done this work?
  8. Good morning all I am currently rebuilding a Buick, but I doubt the year and the model, as the papers received differ from the identification plate on the vehicle. I am enclosing photos.
  9. I am not sure of the model, because there is a difference between the papers received and the plate on the chassis I send you photos I am currently redoing the wooden structure, and I will need help with the measurements Thank you for your
  10. Good morning i'm looking about parts for my car: houselights, klacson, front turn signals some body can help me ? I leave in France
  11. Good morning I begin to restore a buick sedan model 67 I need some helps, about the woods parts, and specially the dimensions I have the book fischer body, but there is no dimensions about the woods parts Who can help me I leave in France