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  1. They will probably end up as boat anchors if no one wants them.
  2. I am able to load the engines into a pickup truck.
  3. I use my wife to step on the brake pedal when I bleed brakes.
  4. 1956 Buick 322 cid engine complete except for accessories. S/N 1583491-5 $500.00 1956 Buick 322 cid engine complete except for accessories. S/N 1533947-7 $500.00 All two for $850.00 Located in Atwater, CA
  5. I have been told that Valvolene MaxLife ATF Full Synthetic would work well in Dynaflow transmissions.
  6. My mechanic said that Valvoline Maxlife ATF Full Synthetic would work well in my 1954 1955 and 1956 Dynaflow transmissions. What do you think about this?
  7. The 1956 does have power brakes.
  8. I have a 1955 Buick Special model 46R. I want to install dual exhaust which means installing an exhaust pipe and muffler on the left side of the car. I have an exhaust manifold from the left side of a 1956 Buick Century in which I could use on the left side and then install the exhaust pipe and muffler that fits on the left side. What I want to know is: can this be done, has it been done before, and what if any difficulties I would encounter?
  9. What are the best sparkplugs for my '54, '55, and '56 Buicks? The non-resistor plugs or the resistor sparkplugs?
  10. It's a 1955. It has the breather caps on the valve covers. 1954 has the breather come from the valley cover.
  11. I have a 1956 322 CID that you can have for $200. I cannot deliver. It's located in Mariposa, CA.
  12. I'm old and I do miss digits occasionally.
  13. I cannot tell what condition they're in. They are complete. Last ran about 25 years ago and always stored indoors. Can you make arrangements to pick them up?
  14. Two complete nailhead engines: 322 cid S/N 1533917 and 322 cid S/N 15834915. $200.00 each.
  15. 1955 Buick Dynaflow transmission M40. Located in Mariposa, CA
  16. Two differentials for Dyna Flow transmissions complete with torque tube: 1954 Buick Special M40, 1955 Buick Century M60. Located in Mariposa, CA. $140.00 each.
  17. The Dynaflow on my 1956 Century leaks. ATF is cheap.
  18. I made two more of them and would sell them to you for $10.00@ plus shipping.
  19. Go for the larger 1.125" sway bar. I have them on all three of my Buicks. The ride is fantastic!
  20. I went with the larger sway bar (1.125") with all of my Buicks. They are much better with the thicker bar.
  21. The 1956 Buick that I own has no axel filler plug nor can the cover be removed. The cover is welded on.
  22. I have reproduced the stock carburetor block off plate that goes between the top of the intake manifold and the gasket that goes on the bottom of the carburetor with a 1/16" steel plate. It works great. I have had it installed now for about 6 years and 10,000 miles on my '56 Century.
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