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  1. Hi I’m looking for the brackets that attach the manual steering gear box to the frame on a 1956 Buick Special.
  2. I got back my old 66 f100 recently and the gas that was in it was about 3 years old.. it was varnish in a very bad way..i got lucky running it no stuck valves but I’d much have preferred not to risk it
  3. Tapping with a piece of wood is a good idea but probably the best preventive at this point is fresh gas!!!
  4. They offer two different kinds one is just regular conventional dino oil and one is a full synthetic.. i run the conventional one.. no problems at all even on our hottest days or coldest days
  5. For what it’s worth i use valvoline vr1 10-30 year round in my 56 buick..i live in Albuquerque NM and use it daily the engine was rebuilt about 20 years ago
  6. I set mine at 14 based on experience with other engines at this altitude and the Centerville boys recommendation of 10-12...
  7. Ok i got it much better turns out my vacuum gauge has seen better days..575 in gear 725 in park timing is 14...edelbrock 1906 carb and msd distributor new intake gaskets..vacuum in park is 16 in gear 12 keep in mind in at 5500 ft altitude
  8. Actually this is after a good tune i can get it lower but it’s not as smooth... the mounts are all pretty fresh
  9. My 56 seems to run best at about 725 in gear which is about 975 in park is this a concern for the dynaflow particularly engaging reverse??
  10. Be especially careful with the front cab mounts they love to rust away completely and are easy to over look
  11. Now running a 180 Oreillys part number 3478.. ran a 160 for years but it runs better with the 180
  12. I’ve had the worst luck with modern replacement voltage regulators and they were all made in the usa just junk some dead out of box and yes i polarized them..finally got fed up and went with the powermaster power gen
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