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  1. Any idea where to get a new pitman arm if needed?? The only thing i can find is the idler arm
  2. Hmm I’ll have to jack it up again and look seemed like there was free play before hitting springs thanks for the advice
  3. It does have some adjustments but with care in the air there’s play where the pitman arm goes into the center link
  4. Sooo i have play where my pitman arm goes into the center link.. the center link is adjusted as tight as it can go but the play is still there I’m assuming the center link has to be rebuilt at this point?? What kind of new hell am i getting into to rebuild it lol
  5. I can vouch for the flying Dutch man.. Bought one from him for my 56 322 about 5 or 6 years ago.. Daily driven no problems yet
  6. I don't think that makes you a simple man I think that makes you better then most that attempt this conversion!!
  7. I've got a healthy one.. Really rather sale with the whole master cylinder though.. Was on my daily driver till about six months ago...pm me if interested
  8. It's definitely not rocket science but yet I almost never see it done even remotely correctly.. I'm talking one or two colors being used on everything and just wires running everywhere yet things still aren't working correctly lol
  9. If you're planning on keeping things at least mostly original there is no need to convert to 12 volt.. Just remember you need much thicker battery cables then your average parts store carries.. Think 00 gauge... If you're thinking electric wipers or ignition then 12 volt is a must.. You can get both 6 volt alternators and electric fuel pumps so you can modernize kinda sorta a little without converting.
  10. I'm just bumping my own ad.. Just have these parts will probably put on eBay in the next week or so if no one on here is interested
  11. If the 56 switch is the same.. It looks the same..I do have one
  12. I'll be curious how the kit ends up working out
  13. But the other side is worse lol