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  1. The K and M are the paint color codes.
  2. I need the power steering box.
  3. I have used Lucas Upper Cylinder Lubricant and added 5 gallons on AV Gas to my fuel tanks for many years now with no adverse effects.
  4. I would take the rims to a machinist to have him drill out the holes to the correct diameter. Or, see if the seller will exchange the wheels for the correct ones.
  5. Ironstone Concours in Murphy. CA this Saturday the 23th.
  6. I have the original generator in my 1955 Buick, 64,000 miles and no problems.
  7. It is the right one. The ones I have are twice as thick as the original ones.
  8. I have a new carburetor base plate for the Carter WCFB. Send me your address and I'll send you one.
  9. Do you have a new steel carburetor base plate for the intake manifold?
  10. I have a 7000 RPM Buick tachometer that was mounted on the console between the two bucket seats of a 1965 Buick Wildcat.
  11. I kept the lever shocks on my '54 and '55, but installed heavy duty rear springs and a heavier duty front sway bar. It made a big difference in handling.
  12. The Autolite 175 id the same as the 75 except that it has a heavier electrode. I found them on ebay, $25,00
  13. I bought a set of Autolite #175. I'm going to go with those.
  14. It's time for my '55 Special to get new spark plugs. It now has AC44 plugs and I'm thinking of using Auto Lite 175 plugs. The car has the Century equipment (4 bbl) and Pertronix ignition and runs very well. Would the Auto Lite be a better plug than the AC?
  15. The weight of the hitch is 8 pounds. I will send you pictures to your cell phone if you PM me your number. You may have the hitch for free; just pay for shipping. Such a deal!
  16. I have a hitch that I took off of my 56 Century that I will give to you.
  17. I used a 2" spacer which brought the fan about 3 to 3-1/2" from the radiator. I'm happy with that.
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