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  1. Your tires and wheels look great!
  2. They are dual exhaust 1 3/4 inches in diameter, same as the stock factory. They look good. I have the rectangular exhaust tips which extend out at the ends of the bumper and they are in perfect condition.
  3. Took a ride to Mike's Muffler in Merced for new tail pipes and on the way home opened her up to 100 mph. She lives up to her name!
  4. I hear that registration will go up by $65. I don't even put $65 a year in gasoline in three of my vehicles. I used to live in Danville now Mariposa County.
  5. I live in California. All the roads here are junk. Pot holes, ruts, uneven pavement, you name it.
  6. I run WW Radial tires on my Buicks. 225 x 75R - 15. Corners good, good traction, I couldn't be happier.
  7. I got them from a guy that only made 200 of them and when he sold out he made no more.
  8. On my Buicks I got rid of the skinny front sway bar and installed one that is 1 1/4 inches thick plus new Monroe shocks. Roadmaster springs in the rear. It holds up real well on curves. I don't like squishy rides. I like them firm.
  9. The 1956 Shop manual for the 1956 Buick states that the 90W factory lubrication in the rear axel must not be removed or replaced. So, I am wondering if that original 61 year old factory lube is still good? There is no way to drain it.
  10. I have been using 10w-30 in all of my Buicks for the last 40 years and have had no problems with the engines.
  11. Occasionally I will run 5 gallons of 100+ octane Av gas and the rest premium gas with Lucas fuel treatment. Been doing this for the last 20 years and everything runs great.
  12. Every once in a while I'll pour in a half a tank of 100+ octane Av gas. It cleans everything out and perks up the engine.
  13. When reinstalling the water pump and/or timing cover I always use stainless steel bolts.
  14. I drove my 1956 Century to town and back for breakfast about 35 miles. I went early and the highway was clear. Ran her up to 95 mph to get the cobwebs out of the carburetor. This car runs so good that I can't stand it!
  15. Did you install a power brake booster when you went to disc brakes on the front? I want to install disc brakes on my 1955 Special.
  16. I bought a set of Tre=Spoke wire wheels for my 1955 Buick 10 years ago and they have worked out very well. I am very happy with them.
  17. Here are a few more color combinations.
  18. I went with Diamondback on my '54 and Good Year on my '55 Buick. No Cokers for me.
  19. I took my 1954 Buick to the GM car show in Clovis, CA and won 2nd place in the original unrestored class. RT of about 130 miles.
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