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  1. So, you can suction it out, but how do you get the fresh lube in through the bottom bolt hole/
  2. I want to check the lube in my 1956 Buick Century differential, but it has no drain or fill plug. Does anyone know how to drain and fill this rear end?
  3. I bought 3 of them for my '54,'55 and '56 Buicks when they were available and I swear by them. No more wallowing around corners in mountain roads. The guy that made them is no longer producing them.
  4. My 1956 Buick Century does not have a fill plug for the differential. The shop manual states that it does not have one.
  5. I have been running Synthetic 10W-30 in my nailheads for years and no problems.
  6. I have been running Autolite #175 spark plugs in my '54 '55 and '56 Buicks for years and have had no problems with them.
  7. Moore's Automotive This guy has rebuilt three Dynaflows for me and they turned out perfect. 998 Atwater Blvd. Atwater, CA (209) 358-0091
  8. I have been running Pertronix ignition on my three Buicks on 12volts for at least 10 years and no problems.
  9. Correction: That should be Pacific Grove and not Garden Grove, CA
  10. I installed 1 1/8" front sway bars to my '54. '55 and '56 Buicks. They made a very big improvement in the handling performance of the car. No more wallowing on curvy roads. I got them from Steve Dole, (831) 655-4838. Garden Grove, CA $165.00 each.
  11. Living in the mountains of Mariposa County the politics is mostly conservative. We like it that way. Support the State of Jefferson!
  12. I have a 56 Century and you do not have to take off the door panels.
  13. I just like Buicks that are not modified from factory equipment.
  14. I kept all of my Buicks with the factory oil filter. I could say more, but I won't.
  15. The side wall of my tires show a maximum inflation of 35 psi. I have been inflating all of my tires to 32 psi when cold. I have been doing this for at least 40 years and have had absolutely no problems with them.
  16. I just checked and it's 1/4 x 20 by 3/4" long and the head is 1/2" with a flat washer sized area next to head. You need 4.
  17. I think that there are only 3?
  18. So, you want me to crawl under my car to pull one on those off to get you the size?
  19. For sale: 1963 1964 Buick Riviera A/C and heater controls. All levers are in good working order.
  20. I have heater and A/C controls in very good condition for '63 '64 Riviera. All levers are in good working order. $150.00
  21. The Pontiacs of Central California will hold their 20th Annual all GM Car Show in Clovis, CA on May 5th, 2018. No Chevys. Pontiacsofcentralcalifornia.org
  22. I took my 1956 Century out for lunch with some car club guys ( Mountain Road Rattlers ) of Oakhurst, CA. I put about 32 miles on it.
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