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  1. I'll agree being a western car what shows in the pictures looks solid compared to a car having been used and sat around here. Even the chrome looks be decent driver quality for my likes. I can tell you most of the parts will fit on a Limited 4 door except the rear quarter sheetmetal, moldings, tail lights, trunk and trunk trim. The Limited model was stretched in that area for the three models based on the Roadmaster line. Wish I was closer...
  2. Or possibly a wire that catches those tabs?
  3. That's right Bill. The border closure was extended recently till August 21st and living right on the border to Michigan (Detroit is my entry point) boy do I miss going over! I wish I could get over to see both 1957buickjim and 95cardinal. Joe was kind enough to inform me of 364 motor that supposedly came out of running '58 Buick where he was going to drive to getting parts for one of his cars. The price seemed fair enough so he put it in his pickup, brought it to his warehouse and is storing it there till things open up again... I thought it would be good to connect it to
  4. After picking up some drinks (for later?) got back to the Bin and went inside to continue getting stuff to the stair landing before bringing it out & into the bin. Must describe what it is taking place... The house was built in 1908 and explains the reason why the service utility basement is what it is, no one back then considered using a basement like we do today. Being over well over 6 feet tall the height is a challenge for me as when I stand straight up the floor rafters are almost below my jaw and have to be careful not to hit my head on the occasional nail sticking do
  5. Work had to be in play Saturday morning so went out and had to fuel the mower and trimmer up plus restring the line before starting. As this was going on doesn't the boss show up (unusual) but with some good news for me. Seems they had contracted a company to spray around the buildings to kill the weeds and on some of the chain link fences so only had to cut the big field as they wanted the stuff to act on fully leafed plants and hopefully cut down on the trimming time. Cool! That cut down my time there and could return to the house/garage sooner than expected.
  6. Yesterday we had a bin delivered (albeit later than promised) for removal of both our junk from the house and what I think is to go from the garage. Could just about fit a car in that thing but it would have to be a convertible to be able to get out of it (oh the shame of that thought...). I knew there were shelves of cleaning chemicals, old paint cans and weed killer and the like in the basement that had to be treated separately so brought my trailer over and squeezed it between the bin and hedge carefully. Surprised myself and son getting it in there with only t
  7. That's very nice of you Bill! Thanks. I'm going to try and book a room again for next year in Strongsville and let's hope this pandemic has seen it's last fight by then that we don't have to do a National Meet in a magazine again... My other boy has booked their wedding for Jul 3, 2021 so with fingers crossed it's going to be a busy month.
  8. I just realised this morning it's the deadline for picture entry to Pete for the October issue of our cars that we would have driven or brought to the 2020 National this year so spent some time going through my picture files (and I have a lot!). I emailed it and Pete just confirmed it will be in the edition. This will be the first published picture of the Special in the Bugle. 😎 Might just have to buy the hard copy edition as I only get the electronic membership.
  9. Thanks John I appreciate it! My son that's moving and I discussed the truck and possibly my selling to which he expressed he really liked it but... with a new house and his first child coming it was going to be a bit more than he wanted to take on right now, otherwise... It's too bad the garage he will have is only a car and a half or he just might have inherited it earlier. I do feel the truck will sell much quicker than the Nash simply because of it being more desirable. The fact it has F**d on it ensures that even more. My neighbour is Not a car guy but does own
  10. It has been under the radar till now since this is mostly about my Buick's but while I'm on here... Bought it locally from a family that had two 52's and a 53 over the years. The dad used to load the boys in the box, drive along the county roads having them look for pop bottles in the ditches and cash them in. That was when the deposit was a nickle a bottle. The son that I bought it from said they would be gone all day and had so many bottles the box was full! The old flathead was running but smoked some (typical flathead Ford dad used to say), and for 1500 as tough as it look
  11. Reviewing the overall storage issue it's slowly becoming apparent that selling my F1 Ford might be next for a sale. Not sure if logical thinking or just the state of mind I'm in...
  12. I want to get it running to show a prospective buyer it's not just a 1500 dollar car so it's at the mechanics shop where I hope he gets to it with his tools and such right there. Once that is accomplished (I'm going in 5 directions at once right now...) my son's co-worker is interested in it and will see where we have to meet to close a deal.
  13. Spent the better part of the afternoon and evening continuing with the cleanup around the garage and finally was able to open the garage door again after putting the Limited back on the ground. I will be dragging her out to get at the back passenger flat tire later today if the rain quits. She will sit under the cover with a car cover on once the matching roller tire is on and then pull her out from under to sit on the side of the driveway later once I get the back wall opened up making access to the back easier for construction materials for the addition. My wife h
  14. With having started going to swap meets with Dad since the age of 13 and knowing when I got the Buick's I was going to keep them, I bought things when I could afford them for a long time. Part of that fun now is discovering exactly what I bought since it has been shoved here and there for some time. Sorting it out for the Limited knowing I will put the best of what I have on her is part of the point to finally get her on the road. Like I found this steering wheel tucked away. It's not perfect as evidenced by the cracks at the spokes but can't recall why I would pick
  15. My wife left me playing in the garage and finally had to call me to come in for a late supper but accomplished what I wanted to get done. The trunk is finally cleared off... I was able to open the trunk lid but not completely as it wouldn't clear the shelf unit due to having the front end on jack stands still. I had forgotten I'd put the trunk card board from both Limited's and the Roadmaster in there, it's been that long... With the fan doing it's job and the radio at a decibel above the roar of the fan I managed to bag, sort, label and bo
  16. After returning home for a late lunch I figured it was time to get into the garage with the Limited and start cleaning off the things that have piled up to prepare for dragging her outside. After a cool drink and a sandwich checked the temperature and almost quit before I even started. Naturally being in Canada it reads in celsius ... I still can't get used to that! It converts to 91.4 real temperature but the "Feels Like" reading is 98.6. Decided to open the back window and bring my industrial fan inside to try and keep cool.
  17. Just back from my big 4 hour lawn job and taking a few minutes break before hitting two more residential customers. I agree Lance it will be good to see the Limited outside again! My wife doesn't know it yet but I plan on leaving the Limited in her usual parking spot for her van under the tent till construction of the addition will start. (DANGEROUS I KNOW - LOL) That alone will allow me working room inside to clear shelves, take off the wall panelling and remove the insulation before cutting out the opening. I might have a wall plug or two and some wiring t
  18. Thanks for your thoughts Joe. Wish I could keep her. Didn't someone on the Forums here state, You can't keep them all ? Meantime, Went to my buddies that owns the green Cadillac as he has a sectional garage door that will work perfectly on the back wall of my garage at home. My plan is to use it to keep dust down when working on the Limited parking the Overland, Whippet and my Ford F1 in the new addition. Joe had his garage greatly expanded and put in a bigger wider door but saved the old one thinking someone could use it. Typical car guy thinking huh! The
  19. Life is whizzing along... (at least no one in the family has contracted the virus) Still dealing with a heat wave but just like our winter weather changes, after that first month one seems to get acclimatized and moves along. After waiting for my mechanic to come over to the Nash I bit the bullet and had her towed to his shop. The driver/operator stated he had 15 years experience and showed me pictures of some of the unusual cars he hauled making me assured he would not over tighten the cables and harming the unit body frame. The car is s
  20. Something similar happened to dads 70 LeSabre. Turned out to be (?) on the automatic transmission allowing oil to be sucked into the engine.(sorry, the part name escapes me...) That wasn't all that big a repair as it was on the outside of the transmission once diagnosed. As to the diaphram, should it be that, replacing the fuel pump is not a huge effort either. You didn't say what year Skylark but with ethanol in the gas those original fuel pumps are susceptible to breaking down due to the gas today. Mew replacement pumps have proper diaphram material that are not effecte
  21. Such a knowledgable man Jim is. He did my '58 Special and never regretted the effort it took to have it done!
  22. That is good to hear about the Fleetwood Country Cruise Gary. Not that I will be able to attend but just when is this event to happen?
  23. Can't agree with you more on the "so what" part Keith. What's getting to me is getting the 'storage together time line' right now. It's in the details like "to get to this I need to have this, then to have that this needs to happen" all of which has a time line on top of those things!! There is a very dim light at the end of the tunnel as of now but expecting something else to crop up and have to be dealt with... I have great respect for General Contractors that orchestrates sub contractors for any kind of building projects!! I've experienced personally t
  24. Funny you should mention having a drink, I just poured one after quitting for the day to sit and check the Forums! I agree with you 100% about any company that can"t respond in a reasonable time. Even with this virus and all, businesses are and can work from home as effectively as at at a desk in an office. My issue is with the different standard re the discount for Canadians. Just because a US company buys out an established customer base here and calls Head Office in the US shouldn't leave the Canadian paying customers out. (whether 25 bucks or not) Will b
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