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  1. Distributor off a tooth? Vacuum leak? Check all your vac hoses and lines to see if any are missing or broken. Also, if there are any open ports on your carb, plug them or find the hose that attaches to it.
  2. Does anyone have one sitting collect dust that I can donate to my buddy's 62 Electra Convertible? Also looking for a 2 way power seat motor.
  3. Your guess is as good as mine. It was worn out anyway and finally broke one of the side rails, causing the pile-up. It was awfully fun to try to get it back up!!
  4. Anyone have one of these just laying around? How about a fan shroud for it?
  5. When I was scanning through my picture archive searching for ideas for logos on Bill's BuickStreet forum, I stumbled onto some pictures I took a while back when my convertible rolling into my driveway via the tow truck. I was going to drive it home that day, but the radiator was full of chocolate syrup and it was running really hot. So I had it towed home... Here are some before and after shots, I hope you enjoy them. I know John Chapman saw this car firsthand and inspected it for me since I was 1800 miles away....thanks John! And now for some current shots....
  6. If you installed Norton Personal Firewall, uninstall it. There's no need for it really.....unless you have top secret military information stored on your computer... Norton Internet Security is another one to look out for. Try disabling whatever you have on there, and see what happens! Hopefully, we found your problem!!
  7. If you're able to log in and look at v8buick at another computer with no problems, then I would say it's time to format your computer. I have no idea what would be wrong with it to make it do that though.....really high internet security??
  8. Pat I remember you talking to me about your problem on v8buick. Have you tried logging on with another computer? I also have my email notification feature turned on here, but for some reason, it just stopped sending me anything one day.
  9. hahah I kept hitting the back button and tried sending multiple times. I guess they all went through!
  10. http://www.bobsautomobilia.com/
  11. For some reason, I am unable to respond to your PM. I keep getting error messages. But you're on my buddy list now I wasn't home when you IM'ed me.
  12. All my settings are still the same...I just haven't been getting any notifications. Yes, Brian, when someone replies to a thread I have responded to (barring that I've checked the "Add this to my favorites" box, an email will be sent to you notifying you of a new post.
  13. Randy, were you recently in the market to sell your Centurion? I thought I remembered you saying something about it. For all others reading this thread, here are Randy's cars! :::: http://www.buickpartsdirectory.com/rides/randys_rides.htm
  14. Has everyone been getting their email notifications in the last few weeks? I have gotten nothing. Not even my own posts come back to me. I have checked my email address in my profile and it's correct! WTF mates?
  15. I replied to your PM... A K&N filter has oils in it that clog the sensors on the MAF that was mentioned in one of the above posts. This will cause the computer to read incorrectly and create a lean(?) condition.
  16. I would drive it...but drive it sparingly. I don't think I could drive it into the ground like I did my LeSabre. A 73 4door LeSabre won't bring any real money, but you might think of it as something different than everyone else's car. These things don't grow on trees anymore.
  17. You don't happen to have a K&N air filter on there do you?
  18. John, That's unreal. Everything on that car is perfect.
  19. I'm with Dave....LOVE the 58's!! One of my dream cars is a 58 Limited convertible. oh the drooling....
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