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  1. Looooooocation? <img src="" alt="" />
  2. Ever notice how the door gaps open up like an accordian when you put your convertible on a lift or jack? Scary stuff. Makes me hesistant to jack the car up for extended periods of time....nervous it'll stay like that <img src="" alt="" />
  3. Smartin

    1962 WILDCAT

    Here is a picture of the body style of the 62 Cats...I believe they are a part od the Invicta family near the bottom of the page. The Wildcat was basically a trim option on the Invicta. Model 4647-Two-DoorSport Coupe................................12,355 produced
  4. If this is the car I saw, it has a perfect interior. Cool car. We all stood around it and talked about it for an hour. Then I went and drooled over Bob Windal's 70 GS455....mmmmmm.....convertible....
  5. Is this the one I saw at Chuck A Burger at the June BCA meeting?
  6. If the convertible has A/C, the $40,000 starting bid is a deal...if it's anywhere similar to a 58's values. I wonder if $40k is the reserve, or if they're just seeing if they can get that much out of it on ebay... One of the local BCA guys (Hank Deglman) has a 58 Roadie convertible with Factory A/C (one of 6 produced) and is the only documented survivor. Insured at $80,000 with Hagerty <img src="" alt="" /> Those 56' are some sweet cars cool cool <img src="" alt="" />
  7. I need a passenger side gravel shield fora 49 super sedanet 2dr. Roadmaster is the anything?
  8. Have you tried calling a speed shop or similar place around town? They can fab new ones 95% of the time. Where in St. Louis are you? (I have probalby asked you this already, but my memory sucks <img src="" alt="" />)
  9. LOL!!! I was wondering what was going on with this. I was waiting to see if they would come back and edit the message, but I guess not. So, how much $$$, color, pics? <img src="" alt="" />
  10. Guess that clears that up <img src="" alt="" /> Thanks John!
  11. I didn't know Buick made a truck. THere is a local BCA member who has a Buick that was made into a truck at the factory. Very cool car! I haven't gotten pics of it yet though.
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">OR at least Wednesday afternoon, when thing crank up. Please don't jeopardize your job for this, unless you are the BOSS! Then do it! </div></div> I'm a partner in the biz...This will be my only real "vacation" this year. I need it bad. Starting to get really tired of working 7 days a week in 95 degree heat. <img src="" alt="" />
  13. Then maybe I should jsut blow off work and get there on Tuesday like I really want to <img src="" alt="" /> I would love to meet the folks from these boards!!
  14. Smartin

    Please Help! <img src="" alt="" />
  15. Here is the shield I am trying to replace. As you can see, some goon tried to braize it together. You don't do that with stainless trim. <img src="" alt="" />
  16. Art, you have email <img src="" alt="" />
  17. Try dropping these guys an email... Automotive Information Clearinghouse Box 1746 La Mesa, CA 91944 619-447-7200 These guys tracked my Centurion. 2100 made, 500 surviving REGISTERED in the country. 8 in Missouri. Good folks. I think the charge for doing this was $19. They offer lots more services too. Might be worth your time taking a look.
  18. My Centurion is Registration #1897 See you all there!
  19. There are little "anchor-like" things that fit on the studs of the letters. They will come out with the letters. All you have to do is keep an eye on them so that you can reinstall later on. It's nearly impossible to pull the windshield chrome unless you have a specific tool to do it. Most auto parts stores should carry it. My experience with wiper arms is that they will come off at the base if you pull. I am referring to the part that actually turns the wiper arms. I'm unsure if there is a clip or anything that actually holds them in or not.
  20. They should pry loose. Try prying them up with a small flat screwdriver.
  21. How about St. Louis?? <img src="" alt="" /> The 2004 regional will be here...should be good.
  22. Havent heard anything about 2005, but 2004 meet is in Plano, TX.
  23. heh... Roberta, your second link takes us to THIS link! <img src="" alt="" /> Try some of these...
  24. Do either of you have access to a 49 super/roadmaster 2dr gravel shield for the passenger side? I am scraping bottom for people to contact. THanks!