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  1. I got my trunk lip moulding on yesterday and ended up pulling the whole back of the car apart to clean and paint it "while I was at it"...I had to drop the bumper down a few inches to get the taillights out, but it was worth it! It was bugging me every time I looked at them...so I pulled them and polished the lenses, painted the bezels and surrounds. So here is the finished product, for the most part. I still have to do cleanup in the trunk.
  2. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> 1971 Centurion -- pearlescent white convertible with gold-plated trim for the auto show circuit, fate unknown. </div></div> I would do very bad things to get this car..
  3. There's a guy with a 72 LeSabre 2door hardtop that lives in my town. I followed him down the highway today with lots of memories about my 71. I'll have a clone of my first car someday....except this one will have massive power options. Tony, good luck and keep looking!
  4. I said the reserve was 140k, but I obviously was wrong....I had only heard that it was. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> When your bid was placed What is allowed What is not allowed More than 12 hours before the listing ends You can retract the bid with more than 12 hours left before the listing ends. When you do this, all your previous other bids will also be eliminated. So be sure to bid again if you are correcting a bidding error that you made. You cannot retract the bid during the last 12 hours of the li
  5. I would've bid on this car, but for hte same reasons you did not, I didn't either. It's very unfortunate that a car like this has to have the rust issues like it does. And no AC!! Wow!! Don't see those too often.
  6. Anyone notice that this car has an unbelievable amount of incorrect things on it? I bet it would fetch another couple grand if he put the stock manifolds on it. Maybe a couple more if he cad plated his bosster and master cylinder lid. That's not even the correct master cylinder. A repro coolant tank would be nice. The good thing is, all of these things can be changed at any time. One thing....no matter what kind of car it is, if it costs more than my house, it's too expensive. No car on Earth should cost that much money. Not even a Buick
  7. High bidder bailed. 174,999 and reserve NOT met. I guess he got cold feet when the reserve had been met.
  8. I hear it's $140k Here are the insane discussions on v8buick: http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=44739 http://www.v8buick.com/showthread.php?s=&threadid=45205
  9. Top motor can be found at: www.hydroe.com or www.convertibleparts.com
  10. wow, haven't had much time to sit at the computer lately... Here's some eye candy..
  11. Check your battery cables for nicks in the insulation that the wire could be corroding from the inside out. This happens occasionally with the wiring in my business. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to figure out a problem when you're looking in the wrong place.
  12. You can try www.taperformance.com but you will still need major modifications to make those headers fit. Shorties might fit!
  13. The car is out of my hands now, and the owner's phone number is 636-262-0348 Unfortunately, the frame is worse than the frame that was on my car when I got it....translation - you don't want it Cruise unit and top motor are sold. Thanks for looking..
  14. I am fairly sure that Ken Reeves is Wheatbelt Buick Ralph Crisp sounds familiar - is he the one with all the 58's? He brought a 58 Ambulance to Flint..
  15. Is this the one that was on ebay a couple months ago? THat was a convertible...is this? I absolutely love the color!
  16. Thanks Matt! BTW, why would I want to tack the heat riser in a closed position?
  17. I have a friend with a 49 Super Sedanet, and ever since he bought it, he's been having problems with it wanting to stall on him. We have finally figured out (hopefully) that the problem is that the heat riser is seized in one position. Would this be consurrent with the problem? How does one solve this problem? And can we find another heat riser? First of all, the "heat riser" I am referring to, is the part that bolts directly on the exhaust manifold with a choke coil-like thing on it. Does anyone know something about these?
  18. If this is OK with you, I have posted a tentative link over at www.buickpartsdirectory.com ....later, I will add it into the lineup in the pages. I've been so busy lately that I haven't had a chance to add any links to the site..
  19. Sorry for the delay in posting more pictures, but I've been pretty busy.... Will post tonight after I shovel food in my face and get a shower
  20. The 71 LeSabre I got my trunk moulding off of is getting parted. Body is gone, no good sheet metal left. Does NOT have a posi rear. 350-2 motor runs Inquire about parts here. I will try to get pictures later this week. It was loaded with power options like: Power locks Power Windows Power seat Speed Alert Cruise Tilt Wheel Rim Blow Steering Wheel A/C Trunk Release I have no idea if any of this stuff works yet. We need to get the battery charged and going. So be patient with me. I have no time to make numerous trips to the car. The chrome on the car is bad and pitted. The stainless stuff isn
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