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  1. I'm not a big fan of the 73's...personal preference, I guess. It's a bummer these cars go to people who destroy them for a "living". It's fun to watch, though! On another note, I bought a 75 Delta 88 convertible parts car....after I was done with it, we took a 16lb sledge hammer to it. <img src="" alt="" /> Don't get me wrong....the car was absolutely trashed already. There was about 3 gallons of bondo in the drivers door alone. Pictures to come!!
  2. hmm...$5400 for an electra...there really needs to be MULTIPLE pictures if he wants that kind of money for an opening bid.
  3. The car is going to ebay in nobody is interested. It's a good driver and is worth at least that if nothing else. I don't want to ebay it, but I need the money. I jsut paid $2500 for a new top on my Centurion. <img src="" alt="" />
  4. That thing was a pretty sad sight when it came to my door a month ago. The paint shines up rather nicely, though. And the interior looks presentable when I dump silicone all over it <img src="" alt="" /> But the top makes the car complete. Now I can actually drive it. It has a couple exhaust leaks, so that might have to get fixed before I get it licensed. Of course, St. Louis requires that all cars 71 and younger have an emissions test...a very rigorus one at that. Time to pay the penalty fees for dirty air. <img src="" alt="" />
  5. Here's a pic I shot real quick in my dark garage tonight.
  6. Since I received my Centurion about a month ago, it has had a new convertible top installed...but not without some hitches. The scissor frame was absolutely trashed from years of manual folding and abuse. Soooooo needless to say, I had to find a replacement frame for a REASONABLE amount. This was no easy task, but I used my resources tothe best of my ability and had some luck with the postings on this site and the v8buick site. I appreciate everyone's help in finding these parts and we all should be grateful for the groups that have formed as a result of what you're looking at right now. On to my saga for a top frame... I called countless people looking for leads and mostly cam up empty handed. Convertible service wanted almost $2800 for a complete frame setup. So I kept looking. I had been talking to my local Dr. Vinyl store and they were also trying to track down a frame for me. They had a 75 Olds Delta 88 convertible with a hew top sitting in their lot that wasn't paid for and the account was delinquent. THe owner of the store called the owneer of the Olds and asked if he would sell it to me for the cost of the bill he had not paid as of yet. The car was a complete basket case and should never had been put in the ship for a new top. A few days later, John (Dr. Vinyl owner) called me and said the car owner would sell it to me for $1500. I said OK! Since the car had a new top already, I could just have them transfer it over to my car. I met the girlfriend of the car owner at the top shop and we exchanged our info...I actually got the car for $1200...what a deal, huh? I drove the Olds home today and took some parts that I wanted off of it. The guy next door to my shop has a friend that is going to take it off my hands for $100 tomorrow. Not bad for a running 350 olds rocket. The rest of the car is completely trashed. I picked up the Centurion this evening and paid the balance remaining for the labor to swap tops. (another $850). I had never seen the car with a top before, and it's like a different car!! I'll need to adjust the windows some to get rid of the gaps, but it's awesome. I put in an order to Convertible Service today for a complete weatherstrip kit which includes all top weatherstrips, door strips, quarter window strips with the end door jamb bushings, trunk strip, and pillar seals. I think that's it. That ran me about $400. I didn't think that was too bad of a deal considering that place is incredibly overpriced. <img src="" alt="" /> I'm so happy to have my car back and in the garage tonight. I think I went a little over budget on it so far, but it's worth it. I couldn't have picked a better car to own. This weekend, I'll wash it and get some nice shots of it to post on here.
  7. $200 Takes the car home. Anybody interested in the 350? It's going to the yard in 10 days if no one is interested.
  8. Jeez... I'm going to have to EBAY this car if nobody bites in a week or so. I need the money pretty bad. Johnny knee-breaker is coming to town I don't want to ebay this thing because I'm afraid I won't get what I would if I were to sell it privately.
  9. Average condition is $2-2500. You don't see too many of these around anymore. Good luck with your search!
  10. Ok here I go again with the &*%*& scissor top. I need the window weatherstripping and I don't want to pay $300 for new if I don't have to. I just spent $1900 replacing the top and frame. My bank account is going dry fast. Does anyone have a good set of these?
  11. Try this. There are color chips on this page to help you match the color with the code.
  12. <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body">Welcome back! And thanks for sharing with us again. I have been keeping up with you at Maybe if they put in a General forum over there for those of us with earlier Buicks we can all leave Peter and all of his rules behind. Willie </div></div> Willie, you wish is granted. <img src="" alt="" /> Hope this goes well. Tell all your friends!
  13. Where are you located? It says the car is FROM FLA, but, where is it now?
  14. Smartin

    Gas Cap

    Is this what you need?
  15. Done the ATF thing to UNstick a lifter. Unfortunately, the lifter was broken, not stuck. It sure made a whole lot of white smoke! I don't think the neighbors liked me that day.
  16. Got some pics of it today...I am keeping the tires, top, and sport mirrors.
  17. Here it is... $13,900
  18. Try this: They seem to have whatever I need most of the time.
  19. I've reached the point where I must sell my car. I've been toying with the idea for a long time, but the money crunch is on with my convertible. Here's the ad in Auto Trader. http://www.collectorcartraderonline.../0/43210460.htm Asking price is $1700. I am offering $100 off to any board member who lives more than 100 miles away from me. This is to help with shipping issues since it's rather expensive. This car could be driven across the country if you want to. It's just a matter of WANTING to drive thousands of miles. I hate driving, which is why I am offering the -$100 for help with shipping costs. I'll deliver inside of 100 miles. It will be a good little Saturday run for me. This car is responsible for creating my addiction to Buicks. It will be a sad day when I hand the keys over to the next owner. Please entertain me with offers...I'll at least think about it.
  20. C'mon guys...this is no way to communicate. Yes, the car is very rough, but Rick has every right to do what he is doing, and you can't stop him. The engine is a 283 Chevy...definitely not something most of the Buick folks are interested in, but you never know. Rick, if you don't meet the price you want for the car, part it out the rest of the way and see if you can sell the parts by themselves. You'll have better luck if people don't see what is/was attached to the part (read: rust bucket)<img src="" alt="" /> If there wasn't so muhc rot on this thing, you'd probably easily get what you're asking, but since it's a basket case, it's not likely you'll get a return in investment. This is the kind of car you kinda just have to throw away...99% of the restoring population wouldn't touch a car with that much rot on it. But for your sake, I hope you find someone who is willing to take it off your hands. Like you said, there is always someone who needs certain parts and will pay the price to get them. Good Luck!
  21. I have recently acquired a 75 Delta 88 vert and I'm sending it to the junkpile if nobody is interested in it. I pulled the top and top frame off of it...that body is trashed. Has a running 350... Anyone? Bueller?
  22. GSTURBO's right. Check this thread from the v8buick forum. Quote from Bill S. @ <div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Quote:</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> My 66 Electra is 225 is 224 inches from bumper to bumper which is a tad under 19 feet long. The 225 stands for the number of inches from bumper to bumper but apparently only the early (59, 60?) 225's where actually that long. </div></div>
  23. yes...go for the gears. Also, TA Performance sells headers for the 350...throw a set of those on with some walker dynaflow mufflers and you're in business. A recurve of the distributor will help. Maybe HEI to make the ignition more stable. TA212 cam...pretty mild but is a good cam for people who drive a lot.
  24. Smartin

    1972 Electra

    Thanks for the reply Joe. I have found a set of 3.23 gears with a posi carrier about a week ago for $200. There are a few guys looking for a posi rear for their big boats on Try to sell it over there...I don't think you'll have a problem getting rid of it.
  25. I think I ended up getting about 20 bids to ship my Centurion from So Cal to St. Louis. By the time I was done, I felt like I needed a party to celebrate my decision <img src="" alt="" />