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  1. Automotive Information Clearinghouse Box 1746 La Mesa, CA 91944 619-447-7200 These guys tracked my Centurion. 2100 made, 500 surviving REGISTERED in the country. 8 in Missouri. Good folks. I think the charge for doing this was $19.
  2. Find a local upholsterer that can reproduce the original product as close as possible. Ask for references, though.
  3. I have a friend that is interested. We would like to see some pictures. Send to: Thanks!
  4. Thanks guys... I'll be looking to add some more features soon. I want this site to be more than just a list of names.
  5. I would think... Some cars had different optioned wheels, though. Standard, deluxe, sport, etc. Color all depends on what color interior was ordered.
  6. Try these guys...
  7. TTT <img src="" alt="" />
  8. Good times! I met some really cool people...
  9. Is anyone from here going to be at Bobby's frozen custard tomorrow night? May 31st. I'll be there with the convertible checking out some of the other st louis area cars <img src="" alt="" />
  10. Still looking... Frame off resto job here. I had one of them "fixed" and the guy didn't know it was a stainless part...he braised it. Kill me. <img src="" alt="" />
  11. Smartin


    grat0520, I found a clean clock you might like. $20 gets it shipped. I can take pics if you like.
  12. Not even close...I wish though <img src="" alt="" /> In 1972, they changed how they rate HP. It greatly reduced numbers.
  13. Exterior color: 73 = Vintage Red Poly Top Color: B = Black (I think) Trim Code: 688 = Black Notch Back Vinyl Bench Seat I am not 100% on this, but I'm going off of memory.
  14. Maybe you can make a deal with this guy....
  15. Looks like $4000 to me <img src="" alt="" /> I wonder if they got finger happy with the 0's.
  16. Smartin


    BuickLover, It was a joke. I guess some folks don't have sense of humor. Can you post a first name so I know who is flaming me? <img src="" alt="" /> John, regarding your clock...there are a couple places you can send your clock to be fixed and converted to quartz. Try these on for size: or The Clock Doc - 1-800-256-5362
  17. Have you considered putting a sport wheel on the car? They look good on the full size cars!
  18. If you can get 14,500 out of your Centurion, you're going to see a white convertible for sale here soon <img src="" alt="" /> Good luck on the sale of your car! It sounds like a gem...
  19. Any word on the wagon yet?? <img src="" alt="" />
  20. I had a problem of mysterious coolant disappearances. I had this for about 2 months when I thought it was the gasket that was around the lid of the overflow tank. In reality, it was a bad head gasket that allowed coolant to be burned in the #1 cylinder without me knowing. Until one day, the left bank started blowing white smoke - a common hint that a head gasket is going bye bye. You might want to look into that. Also, yes - the overlofw tank does have a gasket on it. I would assume you could just reseal it with some RTV or something.
  21. Yeah it was about 40 degress out when I did it too. Argh! I did do some studying up on how to do it before I tore into the project. I pretty much went in blind, but I figured it out pretty quickly. I had a hard time trying to fit myself under the dash to work...and I'm not a big guy. 5'10" 155lbs still doesn't fit very well between the front seat and the dash <img src="" alt="" />