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  1. Wow thanks Brian! I've been looking for a copy of the window sticker with some option codes on it! I am having a friend make a reproduction sticker with all my options on it as soon as I can dig up the info. My buildsheet is in tatters. Appreciate the info and pictures! Oh I have seen the Max trac option on a bunch of Rivs, but never a Centurion....pretty neat <img src="" alt="" />
  2. It was the height of smoggers. 307's are nothing to brag about <img src="" alt="" /> I don't know of much to help these things out. Try looking around here: since that is an olds motor......
  3. I assume that the rear wanted is for a Cutlass. Is the 88 a full size car? If it is, then it will not work. Any A Body rear is a basic swap I long as it is the same year (or years in this case) 68-72
  4. That's quite a journal dedicated to the trip! I could read that for hours <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" />
  5. I have to share this...what a cool car. This one pulled up to our chapter's 25th anniversary party yesterday. The owner of the car recently passed away and his wife and son take care of his collection now. It's a show stealer. My camera does not do it justice.
  6. Thank you for chiming in Bob! It was a pleasure meeting you last night at Hank's place. We had a pretty good turnout for the 25th Anniversay party, which was nice to see. I can't think of ONE person that could turn that many people away. People make choices, and we will leave it at that. I'm pretty sure I would've noticed 20 empty chairs. I couldn't agree with Bob anymore aobut the people in the club! This is why is joined. I spent the better part of 6 months deciding if I should join or not. It took just one meeting and I was hooked. I can become very defensive about people I like or care about, but I also have mind to keep my mouth shut. Be careful of what you hear. Rumors can ruin relationships. I don't want this to become a pissing contest either. Let's move on.
  7. No, the Regional is going on without a hitch. Who told you 20 people left the club?
  8. I don't know the whole story, but I'll look into it further. I don't recall anyone EVER saying that 20 people dropped out suddenly. I see no reason for that to happen. I highly doubt that 80 people can hold a secret that well. I did hear briefly that Crin and another member had some sort of quarrel, and that might have stirred the pot, but that all I have been informed of. Such a shame.
  11. Hey Mike, Cool pic of my 71 Centurion convertible! You saved the file as "73_electra.jpg" though <img src="" alt="" />
  12. Crin has been busy with his family and has also (rumored) to have dropped out of the BCA. Bummer, since I had never met him personally. Thought I saw his car in Flint, but it wasn't his.
  13. Jim Hall has a set... 636-940-0108 Here's a picture of them...(see attachment)
  14. My plate will never leave my sight. It will never be sold...hopefully nobody will ever sell theirs to make a buck. I am also interested in what you will do with it. You're in Detroit, so why didn't you enter your car in the show? Do you have a Buick?
  15. I need power door lock and window switches. All of them. Does your car have these?? How about a nice overflow tank? Carburetor? (for 455)
  16. Glad to see you made it home safe! Kind of disappointing it had to rain on Saturday and drive half the cars away... It was great meeting you and everyone else from the BCA and v8buick boards! Funny thing to see your Electra and Greg's car sandwiching mine at the hotel on Wednesday night <img src="" alt="" /> I thought to myself, that can't be Brian's car....but it was! Just a few older Buicks in the lot at the Wingate...but LOTS if Reattas! <img src="" alt="" /> I didn't even know they made that many <img src="" alt="" /> Wish there was more time to shoot the breeze with you about cars, but it was crazy around there. The only other 71 Centurion convertible I saw was there on Thursday. It was a burnished cinnamon color. I believe the owner is a member of this board or the v8 board. I think there was one other 4 door 71 there, but it was nowhere to be seen on Friday or Satuirday either. I was the only 71 Centurion PERIOD on Saturday. Interesting... <img src="" alt="" /> I was looking forward to seeing some other ones to gawk and pick apart. Oh well. I did manage to grab a few goodies from the swap meet. Found a correct carb for my car for $20! Just rebuilt it today. EBay look out! <img src="" alt="" /> BTW, love your 59!
  17. Dude... Glad you made or no car! It was great to meet you...I told all the 58 Roadie owners to keep an eye on their tires <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" /> Ugh, just walked in from the drive home. Time for bed <img src="" alt="" />
  18. mmkay... Does anyone know what time Old Country Feedbag opens up for breakfast?
  19. Is there any agreement on having breakfast instead of lunch so we can make it to Milan??
  20. This v8buick post may come in handy.... Email me for more info on how to get the supplies to do this project.
  21. Steele Rubber Products Complete line of rubber replacement parts. 800-544-8665 You will probably not find the window seals at the top of the door edge. I have a friend that made his own and can show you how if you really need them.
  22. From the album: Buick

  23. From the album: Buick