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  1. Can you get some pics of the dash bezels with the woodgrain on them? The ones on my Centurion are in horrid shape. These need to be the full option bezels. I'd appreciate a picture so I could compare them. I also need a set of power window switches and power door lock switches. Thanks!
  2. Has anyone noticed that the Buick forums here have more traffic than any 2 or 3 other forums put together? I keep a close eye on the Olds forums and they are like ghost towns compared to this one... <img src="" alt="" /> It's like pulling teeth to get a response on the olds buy/sell forum. I have better luck selling olds parts on the v8buick board! <img src="" alt="" />
  3. From the album: Buick

    This is a rear view of the car. At the time the photo was taken, it had no top. $2500 later, it has a top.
  4. From the album: Buick

    This is the front view of my 1971 Centurion. Bought in Feb of 2003, it's my first convertible. This car has nearly every option available for the car...I can only guess that, though. Regardless, it's loaded.
  5. Try these folks for replacement parts:
  6. I am looking for a set of black sun visors for my Centurion. I have purchased the brackets to hang them, but have yet to find the visors themselves. I'm wondering if GS or Skylark visors work? <img src="" alt="" />
  7. Smartin

    72 Electra

    Joe, How much do you want for the set of power window switches? I need them for my Centurion. Also, the power lock switches. Only half of mine work. Water kills these things <img src="" alt="" /> <img src="" alt="" />
  8. Year one sells the skins...they aren't FULL quarter panels, but see their description here:;hid=320AC52040 Or go to and find them. It's very easy to navigate.
  9. Yeah they're pretty bad. I didn't realize it until I pulled them out for pictures. <img src="" alt="" />
  10. Smartin


    puupusslee - 3 words in one! <img src="" alt="" />
  11. Smartin


    Sometimes I perpussly misspell words jsut to fit in <img src="" alt="" />
  12. The email didn't work. Here are all 3 pictures.
  13. oops...I didn't see your email there. I'll jsut send them there.
  14. I can only assume these were original equipment, but I could be wrong. They have the Olds emblem in the centercap. Pics:
  15. You spelled that link wrong... <img src="" alt="" /> Try that...
  16. Bruce, your avatar looks the hood emblem of a 71 Lesabre convertible <img src="" alt="" />
  17. Call Carbs Unlimited and they will tell you which one you need. The number is on their website I posted above on a previous post.
  18. These came off a 75 Delta 88. I'll take $40 plus shipping. Typical scratches on the rims where people rub the curb. I can furnish pictures if interested.
  19. Carbs unlimited sells an electric choke conversion kit for $29.95 I have one on my car and it works great.
  20. Just got rid of the car this past Wednesday. Thanks for the inquiry though!
  21. Congratulations on being nominated as asst. director! Now, if I would just join the club... Maybe later <img src="" alt="" /> I am plowed under with work this season.
  22. I've actually seen a bunch of the 73's come up on ebay lately. I have a 71 but you'll have to pay dearly dor it <img src="" alt="" />
  23. Sorry Mike! I'll make note of that. I wasn't sure if you went that high or not. <img src="" alt="" /> BTW, I called the Sloan Museum and I am getting a bunch of info regarding my car. I'll get in touch with you to see what we can get going when I get it all.
  24. Read this thread and email Mike Trom about your question. He could probably lead you in the right direction.