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  1. @topblissgt, Beautiful 69 GTO Judge you have there. I sure would love to own one once again along with a 76 Grand Prix I once owned.
  2. Kudos to him/her and a big thank you to him/her for being so generous for doing this project for the chosen ones. Will we be shown the type of projects that were chosen?
  3. MrEarl, Curious what years are the Firebirds and what are the condition of them?
  4. Marc1122, Your most welcome. Please let us know if you do purchase the pickup tube from them and how it fit and the quality of it. Also price (that is if your ok with posting it here). I could not find a price sheet on their site.
  5. Marc1122, Here you go
  6. Need a Golf door lock with key for my 1931 Packard 833. As you can see from the attached pictures of the one have have the cylinder lock broke (darn pot metal) and also one ear for mounting broke off. Also attached dimensions Thanks
  7. Here are a few in the Chicago-land area. Way out of my price range thou Iron gate motor condos auto motor plex chicago auto bahn country club
  8. Matt, What a beautiful bird!!!!! You sure do have a knack in having great cars show up in your showroom.
  9. I received the reminder postcard in the mail that I have missed renewing my membership. Went to online store but I have forgot password selected retrive password but still waiting for retrieval email. I will call in to pay
  10. I have used SPI's products from their SS black, high build primer, epoxy primer, truck bed liner and their cleaners. I was very pleased with their product. The support you get from them was wonderful. They have a matte black. southernpolyurethanes products
  11. I don't have any kids or grandkids but do have a few nephews and a niece. My brother and his boy enjoyng a ride in the rumble seat. My driving companion Harley who is no longer with us. I sure miss that boy.
  12. Eric, Nice job on your wheels they are coming along nicely. I went the same route for the wheels on my 31 Packard 31 wooden spokes. They are holding up quit well and still look as I did them yesterday.I
  13. Ok thanks please keep us informed on the hsppenings. Like others have stated only if I lived closer I sure would be there giving you hand also. Hope all goes well for you.
  14. I be interested in purchasing this tool when you go to sell it Thanks, Tom
  15. Here are a few pictures of my Father working on his 1931 Packard (which I inherited from him in 1996 and still own to today) around 1989 after purchasing it from my great Uncle Al
  16. Paul, Would you have the golf door lock assembly with key for a 1931 Packard Tom
  17. Jim, A few years back I received a CD with these photo of an 1931 with original interior. 1931 pictures of original interior Hope these help Tom
  18. Here you go Tom
  19. Been there done this with Firestones. Three setts to finally get a batch that did not yellow. Well not yellow as bad as the first two setts. Next time it will be black-walls for me.
  20. Your digs is similar to Nice place you have there. That is a dream garage for any car lover.
  21. I like that the boy is taking good care of his grey hound wagon by oiling up them wheels. For the make of the car I have no idea.
  22. The Lemont Lions (which I am a member of) participated in the Lemont Kepataw Parade today. Here are a few pictures of my Pacakard along with another members Farmall. Was a nice day for it but the Packard did not like the stop and go of the parade she prefers to be out on the open road.
  23. Hi, I will be going to the show on Sunday but as a spectator, Depending on weather I may take the drive out there in my '31 Packard. 2016 Geneva Illinois Concours d'Elegance Anyone else from the Chicago area attending? Tom
  24. I went to this show also but as a spectator. Have to agree that amount of show cars seemed to be down. But still and enjoyable show to go to. I however did notice the Packards