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  1. This one was for sale for $12K a few years ago, if this helps. 1911 Sears Runabout. It was a good runner. There is a Sears Club.
  2. I used the 3/4 drive sockets and a large vice to remove and install mine.
  3. Mine sunk the first time. http://beaver.vinu.edu/Amphicar_restore/amphicar69.html
  4. When you sell an aaca senior winner are you supposed to remove the AACA first national tag?
  5. One more day left on the auction, it has had almost 4300 views and has 215 watchers but it still $185 short of the reserve, I still $3K would be about the cheapest way to own a senior winner.
  6. I bought a set of 5.60-13 Allstate wide whites for my Amphicar in 1989.
  7. Two days to go, 180 watchers but no real money bid on it. Looks like all I have looking at the Rokon is bargin hunters. I bet it's the cheapest way to get in to a vehicle that can win an AACA First National award.
  8. the shaft runs in side the frame and has a slip join in the rear and a u-joint in the front for steering.
  9. No the cylindrical thing in the front is called a miter box, it is a small gear box that takes the power coming in the drive shaft and put it out to both sides. same in the rear, the rear takes power from the transmission and puts it out the the other side chain to drive the rear wheel and out the drive shaft to run the front miter-box. the front miter box runs the front wheel via a chain and the other side has the disk brake that stops both wheels. The drive shaft has a one way clutch in it so the front wheel can go faster than the rear wheel for turns. A miter-box is like a lock differential.
  10. I have decided to lighten my garage. After moving vehicles around 4 times with my kitchen remodel. I realized I didn't have the Rokon out of the garage at all last year other than to used the trailer for the Lebanon show. So I have listed it on E-bay. AACA Junior, Senior, and preservation awards. I used it for my daughter to show while I showed something else, now she has moved on and has no interest in the Rokon. Item # 250572450191 An inexpensive way to get into showing and AACA winner:) Other Makes : eBay Motors (item 250572450191 end time Feb-09-10 17:56:03 PST)
  11. I agree this is the one on my 55 T-bird.
  12. After my temp collapsed (in it's defence we have over a foot of wet snow). I bought a portable garage from the local amish. I got a 14 x 32 (largest they can move in our county without a permit) It has worked great, I can put 2 cars in it. it is portable so still exempt for taxes and set backs. here is a photo of it being delivered. more at: 14' x 32' Portable Garage Delivered With options like two tone and full length sky light it as over $5K but well worth it.
  13. As with any of the lightweight shelter that one or two people can carry watch the snow load. This was mine in 2004!! It was odd, I went out and started my truck everything was OK when I can back 5 minute later it has collapsed.
  14. It got down to 40 but nice and sunny, sunny enough for me to get out the 55 Thunderbird and drive it the 100 miles round trip to out regional Christmas party. Colder and raining tonight.
  15. That would work fine if he had a 12 positive ground car but at 1949 Lincoln is 6 volt positive ground so that will not work. He needs the adapter.
  16. That is how I have mine hooked up I bought a cheap 3 way lighter adapter, and put the plug at one end to plug in to the 6 volt Pos ground and hooked the 3 outlets to the other side to give me three 12 volt positive ground outlets. I use a GPS as well as a Strobe for night driving with the model A.
  17. I bought one of this 6 8 12 Volt Positive to Negative Ground Radio Converter:eBay Motors (item 230395097929 end time Nov-12-09 15:42:17 PST) it has worked well on the Model A and on my 55 thunderbird.
  18. You should be OK my 1928 is 65" and a 28 is taller that a 31 I think. Plus doesn't a 31 windshield fold down?
  19. Here is my 28 on a dyno taking it up to 65 mph Fame numbers are very hard to fine as it tends to rust between the frame and the body where the number is located. If a Model A front end is tight and set up right they cruise real nice at 55 and plenty of brakes.
  20. It look like that they are dropping dodge totally from the European market and dropping several models from the US Market in favor of Fiat built cars. but Dodge in US will still be here for at least a while.
  21. This is my friend Dave from Iowa, We have been going to Hershey together for the last 10 or so years since I quite driving the old motorhome, This is what happens when we have the car all packed and while I was judging he bought two 50 Packard woody doors we had to squeeze in. Shown at the right of this picture http://beaver.vinu.edu/10-10-2009%20Hershey%20photos/Sat/IMG_5713.JPG We got them in.... He bought 4 of the ear plug planks.
  22. How about this at Hershey? http://beaver.vinu.edu/10-10-2009%20Hershey%20photos/Sat/IMG_5712.JPG
  23. they are at Hershey 2009 They load slow there are a lot of them.
  24. I'm Leaving for Hershey is about and hour see "You All" there!!!
  25. The only thing to remember is the top can not help you it can only hurt you in judging!!! Unless your soft top it bad, in that case remove the soft top and show only the hard top it the Corvette was sold with hard top only. The Thunderbird you could be with either top or both tops.
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