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  1. do you know what year or is it for a 2 or 4 cyl? mike
  2. If any one cares, I had to return home early from the meet, but while I was there I stay at the Hershey Lodge. There are shuttle buses that go from the fields to the hotels and campgrounds. Ask any one took them, they were few and far between. The wait was over one hour at one point and standing room only. It appeared that there were only 2-3 buses, could have easily used 8-10. I did talk to several AACA "officials" but " not my job" was the response
  3. I am looking to purchase a correct set of sidemount brackets for 1929-30 Lincoln model L. These are for the wire wheels. Any condition ok. Other years may apply.
  4. I am located in NJ and I am looking for some one to straighten out my wobbley wooden wheels on my 1910 REO. or is there a way to do it myself thanks- Mike
  5. I have 1930 Lincoln that I need a set of sidemount brackets for. This is a horseshoe shaped bracket with a mounting disc. This is for the wire wheels not the artillary style. Thanks- Mike
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