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  1. 1939 M.D. Instrument panel F/S in very good condition . Gas gauge has a voltage drop from 12 to 6 volt and works , don't know if the others work or not ? Price is $ 225.00 + shipping to lower 48. Compare this to ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/274858474228?hash=item3ffed77af4:g:lgAAAOSw1jJg5I7a
  2. I have a Harrison heater model H for sale, It's in very good condition. The fan has a squeak when turning but may only need lubricating ? not sure. Really a nice heater in my opinion. Price is $ 295.00 plus shipping in lower 48. Paul
  3. Price Reduced to $ 100.00 + ( free )Shipping ) ! Lower 48 Only. 🤔
  4. i have a set of n.o.s. valve lifters ( 12 ) that I purchased years ago for replacement for my 39 Chevy. I have replaced the engine with a 235 and have no further use for the lifters. they are still covered in original preservative. price $ 240.00 which includes shipping in the lower 48.
  5. One 200 4r transmission pan for sale . Has the dings and scratches that come with the 80' & 90's cars but a good usable pan , Hard to find. Price $ 125.00 + actual price for shipping. u.p.s or u.s.p.s.
  6. I have a (new) driver side door latch with a couple of small scratches, so I can not return it as new. Paid $80.00, sell for $60.00 plus shipping.
  7. Getting ready to replace the glass in the sliding quarter windows on the 39 and since the glass will be removed I'd also like to replace the window channel w/ss bead & glass sweeps. Kinda do it all at one time. Any information , pictures , instructions on how and what to expect would be of great help. p.k. Thank You in advance.
  8. Nice old lug nut wrench . make a nice piece for someones tool kit, lug size is 3/4. Price is $ 15.00 plus shipping !
  9. 1955/56 hood hinges ( NEW ) for sale ! $ 1OO.00 + $ 13.50 Shipping.
  10. 1955/56 hood hinges ( NEW ) for sale. $ 125.00 + $ 10.00 shipping. PRICE DROP. NOW $ 100.00 PLUS SHIPPING !
  11. Harold I would like to purchase the oil filler cap. If you could send me your full name and address I will get a postal money order off to you as i receive your information. My information is as follows. Paul Robb P.O. Box 1239 Seligman , Arizona 86337-1239
  12. Can't remember for sure but I think run it forward ( clockwise ) It's been a while ago.
  13. You can attach a hand drill to the speedometer cable and run it at a slow rpm and see if the needle moves .
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