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  1. We will be out Monday but we have moved to the new Country Inn and Suites it will save us over $500 for the week of the Spring hill suites where we have stayed or 10 or so years.
  2. This tour started on the West side of Evansville, the we went to the Feedmill in Poseyville, the to Torque customs in Wadesville, then to a collection in New Harmony then back to Evansville.
  3. In our region weather has a lot to do with it and distance. My region is centered about 70 miles from my house. With the tour it is a 200 mile day too far for old stuff I can do it in the Model A but it makes a long day. I usually drive something newer 55 Thunderbird or lately not on a classic but the Viper. Last event was a bust due to bad morning storm, but the 3 before that we had 90% old cars. Make sure you plan time on your events for car problems, we usually have one car that doesn't cooperate, Old cars, new gas we have a lot of vapor lock. If you take your old car and it has problems and you feel your holding everybody up or they leave you, you will think twice about driving it next time.
  4. I think the heavier tow vehicle the more stable it is, Usually duellies are heaver so they are better for towing. I used to tow with an old xplorer motorhome single rear wheel. it was a great tow vehicle never a problem, I changed to a custom van same wheel base larger engine, be a lot lighter, it was not a very good tow vehicle. I also think the trailer makes a big difference. an open trailer tows a lot better that an enclosed trailer of the same weight.
  5. I friend of mine use to use a MotorcycleCAPSULE to store his MC at his coach lot in the desert, it worked well lasted about 3 seasons outside.
  6. We move our meetings around but usually in the Newburgh, Evansville Indiana area. I live in Vincennes, IN southwest of Indiana.
  7. I think buy the paint and tools is cheaper.
  8. The Lower Ohio Valley Region had a great dinner and tour last weekend. With good attendance of 35 members a morning storm kept most old cars in their garages and put most member's in their modern cars. After lunch the weather cleared off and the garage tours were very enjoyable. Here are a few pictures of our tour.
  9. <iframe width="480" height="390" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/HB1Y6k6-ypw" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> http://youtu.be/HB1Y6k6-ypw Just tuned up my 28 Ford model A rumble seat roadster so i took it for a drive around town, taken with my Android.
  10. I have been in that situation several times, cars needing total restoration, BUT, the seller watched Barrett-Jackson. I always start with. " I am interested in buying your car, BUT, I was wondering where you can up with the value or your asking price?" That opens it up for discussion.
  11. The museum sold some a few years ago, I bought one, then the rules changed and they weren't accepted, but now they are again.
  12. I got 17 out of 19 but I thought I only missed one.
  13. It would be worth a trip to Vincennes, IN to visit the military museum run by Jim Osborn.
  14. I use one in my 55 Thunderbird often, the problem with using the 6 volt is the generator voltage reg doesn't keep a very good 6 volt. 4-8volts not good on modern electronics plus you have the ground issue. I used a 6 volt positive ground to 12 volt neg ground adapter and it works very well.
  15. I have seen a hydraulic motorcycle clutch lever/master cylinder mounted on a column shift lever. it looked like it worked pretty well. It was several years ago , can't remember where I seen it, but I think it was 50"s Ford pick-up.
  16. Did everyone get a post card in the mail from AACA asking them to call in an verify their information?
  17. At first he was in Pewaukee WI but moved to Logansport In, This car has Wolf Coal and Supply on the side that was in Logansport, IN so I would guess that is the time frame this was taken. Looks like he wasn't driving because he is the man in light shirt, not the man in the race attire. I think the man that race for him name was Fred Horner? No sure where he was from but it was up north somewhere.
  18. For a compact this model does have a lot of headroom..
  19. I don't think AACA standards have change much, but the quality of restorations in general have improved. 30 years ago you may find a few cars that were restored better than they were new. AACA standards were set when an owner restored his car in his spare time with small amounts of of money saved here and there. When done the owner/restorer could sell the car at a profit and move on to the next car usually something more valuble. Those cars done well could win a first. All the reproduction parts available now were not there. Now car are professional restored costing well more that the car would ever sell for. I think we are numbed by the outstanding over restorations and perfect cars. Remember originally is worth more than condition. A nice original complete car can have a lot "not perfect" and still score 365. Maybe the judges give to many 0's but every judge could come back with -8 point and the car car still have a 365. If a car is correct but showing a little wear 35 points is a lot. Next time you look at an older collection look at the cars restored in the 60 that won AACA awards in the 60's, judging hasn't changed much, restorations have. Just my opinion.
  20. MY Hershey pictures and videos are at Hershey AACA Fall Nationals, 2010
  21. No they were in the show, it a trial display class of custom cars that had to prove they were customized over 25 years ago.
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