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  1. Here is a photo of John Smith with Joe Vicni in 2003 at Metropolis, IL
  2. AACA lost a long time member, restorer, collector this morning. I sadly report John Smith of Newburgh Indiana pass away.
  3. What does this mean for vehicles like Choo Choo Customs. They left the dealer fully customized?
  4. I have used them on Formula Vee Race cars for years (Air Cooled VW engine) only draw back I have ever found is DO NOT leave you key on, if you do you coil will explode in about 15 minutes.
  5. I race a 1972 Datsun 1200 Sunny coupe in solo and vintage.
  6. How did you do Sam? I headed out about 1:30 after judging. If I would have know you wanted a 2013 Hat I would have left you mine. See you next year.
  7. I think there are to ways to go. I know two restorers both very good both do it for about 50% of there income they have other jobs. One charges $25 an hour and bills for every minute he even thinks about the car and gets no complaints. One charges $50 and hour and bills for what it should take to get the job done (sometime less than time spent) and constantly has to justify his hours. Both charge for all materials parts and out sourcing. Both make about he same money. These rate may be low for your area as we are in a low income area with a median household income of under $35K. Both collect money as they go weekly so there is never a large bill and the customer can ask they to stop work for a while till there money builds up or they can hide it from the wife. I think it also depends on what your restoring I know if may not be less work to restore a car worth $10K than a car worth $1M but people don't want to pay as much. Just a thought neither may work for you if its your only income.
  8. Our local SCCA does about five T/D road rallies a year, old cars are always welcome. Most never have a cast over 35 mph and all allow you to buy time.
  9. If you want it hard bound take it in to your local library and ask them to send it to their binder and have it hardbound, that was I did about 25 years ago, the cost was like $8 then.
  10. I'll second Advanced Plating. Our region took a tour last fall, the owner was fantastic and spent 1/2 day with us explaining everything. We were all impressed: Photos of inside advance platting are at Facebook the photos in the beginning are of Advanced, later shots are of a speeds shop and Lane museum
  11. I know we have had the deer sausage and cheese in the past but I was thinking maybe some Corn Nuts would go with Moxie. No body likes them but if they are there you can't help but eat them.
  12. Remember to wear your Orange, here is a shot from 2010
  13. These were sold in 2001 when i placed the add.
  14. I bought them about 25 years ago at Hershey looking for some for my Elgin but they were too small. I shot these pictures several years ago when someone else was looking for some. I have to find them in the garage and measure them. After I measure them if they will work, you can make me an offer.
  15. We had done a lot in Pittsburgh but always open for more suggestions. Couple of times we have gone down to The Wholey Fish Market for lunch. We toured (loose term) the Natrona Bottling Works one year. Been to Luray on MC trip a few years ago. We stopped at Mershon's Quality Classic & Collector Cars in Springfield, Ohio last year. No the Roadmaster doe not have a Million miles on it last I checked it only had 325,000 miles.
  16. Another Amphicar Story. Back in 81 I bought and Amphicar that had a two piece windshield and the top was down and in sad shape. When I was restoring it i went to put the top up and found front bow wasn't the same shape as the windshield frame. Evidently some owner needed a windshield and could not find one so they took what they could find, cut it in half and re-bent the windshield frame to match the glass and just never put the top up. yes it is "W" shaped Bottom photo
  17. ]There is a Model T museum in Richmond IN Is this the one beside the candle shop? In Dayton OH is the Packard Museum downtown Closed on Monday but we met a member there one year and he let us in, great place. National Museum of the USAF Done that one year In nearby Springfield OH is the Westcott House, a Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie House from the teens, and Westcott was the manufacturer of an assembled car at the time Frank Lloyd Wright's Westcott House Possible? If you wanted to detour north to Cleveland Pretty far north no good way to bet back south we went up to Youngstown Packard one year. Thanks for the suggestions keep them coming.
  18. Novaman how you been? To clarify we will be heading out for the 25th year on Monday October 8, 2012.
  19. It's timed to start thinking about things to stop and see on our road trip to Hershey in Oct. After 25 years and our aging bones we need some stops along the way. We head out on Monday. Four of us meet up at the Indy airport and climb in to Dave's old Roadmaster and head East on I70. Any suggestions are welcome. Within 50 or so miles of our route. Someone told me about: Ed Brown's shop Does anyone know how to contact them so I can see about a tour? Any pubic or private collections of interest that would let us stop for an hour or two. We would prefer not in Indy as we aren’t tired of riding yet.
  20. Most members live in the Evansville / Newburgh / Boonville area, I live in Vincennes. the 2012 schedule is at LOVR 2012 schedule
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