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  1. Last time I stayed in the VIP RV lot if you were not a VIP member it was $250 for the weekend. That was a couple years ago.
  2. What time can RV's park Thursday, if they have made reservations?
  3. Can anybody Identify the brand and year of this car? This is the only picture she had. The lady in the photo was born in 1899.
  4. When will Hershey result be posted?
  5. At most other meets it is usually putting around a parking lot. I have not used any gear in the past even though I usually had it with me. But I plan on towing the car to Hershey on an open trailer (not enclosed like I usually do), with 4 friends in a pick up so space is limited and that would be one less bag I have to take.
  6. I have shown race car at other national event, but never Hershey, I know it is runt by the Eastern Race Car Museum not AACA.. My question is Do they require modern safety gear? IE: driving suits, shoes, gloves, Snell approved helmets?
  7. Any Information on the May 11-12 Central Spring Meet at Auburn IN? Look like a lot has changed since last year but no details yet. Different auction company, No CCCA participation. Does any have any details? Will the still be free RV parking for AACA members ? Will AACA still get free bidder registration?
  8. Disk wheels, Barrel Headlights, Rear rack with ribs, Cowl lights, and a low beltline.
  9. Lookin up a 23-24 Dort the belt line is higher it is at the base of the windshield not a few inches lower like this on also the headlights at not barrel like these. Same with the Jewett belt line too high for this car. Now the 24 Chandler Royal Dispatch Sport is a good possibility.
  10. On thing unique about this car is how low the tops of the doors are most car of the era were cowl height.
  11. Someone sent me this photos and said it was photograph of his grandfather that is dated June 1, 1926.
  12. I have a MaxJax I have had for 3 years and been very happy with it. I have a mounting spot outside and one inside.
  13. 2 days of mail left before I leave still no parking pass.
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