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  1. When will Hershey result be posted?
  2. At most other meets it is usually putting around a parking lot. I have not used any gear in the past even though I usually had it with me. But I plan on towing the car to Hershey on an open trailer (not enclosed like I usually do), with 4 friends in a pick up so space is limited and that would be one less bag I have to take.
  3. I have shown race car at other national event, but never Hershey, I know it is runt by the Eastern Race Car Museum not AACA.. My question is Do they require modern safety gear? IE: driving suits, shoes, gloves, Snell approved helmets?
  4. Any Information on the May 11-12 Central Spring Meet at Auburn IN? Look like a lot has changed since last year but no details yet. Different auction company, No CCCA participation. Does any have any details? Will the still be free RV parking for AACA members ? Will AACA still get free bidder registration?
  5. Check the door height not the inside height. To get 7 foot 3 inch door height I had to get a trailer that was 8 foot inside height.
  6. At first he was in Pewaukee WI but moved to Logansport In, This car has Wolf Coal and Supply on the side that was in Logansport, IN so I would guess that is the time frame this was taken. Looks like he wasn't driving because he is the man in light shirt, not the man in the race attire. I think the man that race for him name was Fred Horner? No sure where he was from but it was up north somewhere.
  7. There is one on Ebay now at: FORD Model T or A SPLIT RIM JACK Wheel spreader 1920's : eBay Motors (item 170511019829 end time Jul-15-10 18:07:34 PDT) They and not hard to change and not that dangerous like truck split rims. I used to change them without the tool. the tool makes it a lot easier. I like the ad's text I would like to see you change a Model A tire with this tool. or a late T for that mater
  8. After my temp collapsed (in it's defence we have over a foot of wet snow). I bought a portable garage from the local amish. I got a 14 x 32 (largest they can move in our county without a permit) It has worked great, I can put 2 cars in it. it is portable so still exempt for taxes and set backs. here is a photo of it being delivered. more at: 14' x 32' Portable Garage Delivered With options like two tone and full length sky light it as over $5K but well worth it.
  9. As with any of the lightweight shelter that one or two people can carry watch the snow load. This was mine in 2004!! It was odd, I went out and started my truck everything was OK when I can back 5 minute later it has collapsed.
  10. I have had much better luck with Carlisles.
  11. What happened? Something changed. When you first posted it is you searched Cord you got 4-5 Cords. Now you get 5000 Accords?
  12. I wouldn't sand it the thicker the paint the easier the oven cleaner takes it off. thin stuff is a lot harder. We used yellow bondo spreaders as scrapers. After we rubbed out the surface you couldn't tell it has been painted.
  13. I removed brush painted letters off of a trailer with Easy-Off oven cleaner and it didn't hurt the original finish. Use gloves, I didn't and it turned my fingernails brown.
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