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  1. I remember years ago when the show was still at the Stadium AACA had a display class of vintage street rods and the Happy Days pick=up was displayed. it was parked in front of the maintenance/shower building.
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  4. Jay Wolf will be staying at Spring Hill beside the Museum from Monday till Friday Judging Sat. them heading home.
  5. I sent my Judges registration in a few months ago with a SASE for a parking pass but I still haven't received it. Has anyone gotten their parking pass?
  6. Do any of you know if anybody still makes a 6 volt jumper pack. Battery Buler used to make one but it has been discontinued. http://www.lectriclimited.com/battery_butler-instructions-pdf/manual-BBJS600.pdf Des anyone know of an alternative without making yourown, it would be handy for us who keep their old cars 6 volt.
  7. Last few trailer I have done I just used Floor and porch enamel and threw in some silica sand after the first coat. I paint the floor gray with black lines for my tires to follow making the car easy to center.
  8. I got my AACA 75th Anniversary book today. Now I need to find time to enjoy it.
  9. Here is a quick video of Saturday's tour: YouTube - LOVR AACA Summer Tour
  10. Here is a quick video of today's tour:
  11. There is one on Ebay now at: FORD Model T or A SPLIT RIM JACK Wheel spreader 1920's : eBay Motors (item 170511019829 end time Jul-15-10 18:07:34 PDT) They and not hard to change and not that dangerous like truck split rims. I used to change them without the tool. the tool makes it a lot easier. I like the ad's text I would like to see you change a Model A tire with this tool. or a late T for that mater
  12. The Lower Ohio Valley AACA tour (Southern Indiana) has an antique car tour next Saturday the 17th. We leave the Rural King in Evansville, IN (St Joe + Diamond) at 11 CDT (12 EDT) and head to have lunch at the Feed Mill Restaurant. Then to Torque Customs in Wadesville, they do custom interiors, paint, powder coating, and complete restoration. Then to New Harmony to tour an antique cars and pedal tractor collection. Not sure what I am taking yet, I think, I need to work in the morning at Start VU. So If I take the Model A I will have to trailer it to E-ville due to time restraints, I could drive the T-bird. If anyone is interested in going contact me. Any vehicle over 25 years old is welcome and the tour will be set for older cars, back roads with a 40 mph maximum speed. If you don't have a car or just want to ride we can find you a seat, If I take the A I'll have the rumble seat open. (rain or shine)<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" /><o:p></o:p> <o:p> </o:p> Remember there is more than the National with AACA, join, and get involved with a Region.
  13. I was at a show in East Dubuque IL and seen this Model A. I have never seen one like it? What is it.
  14. A couple of years ago some posted a picture of and Buuck hubcap.
  15. It's on a Packard and the coil is not round and too small.
  16. In Indiana you go to an Amish wheelwright.
  17. I am looking for someone or a company to rebuild at 1916 ignition coil? Any information would be appreciated. Thanks
  18. If I had that beauty I would cut off the back and make it a Ranchero.....
  19. How many do you need? I order some about a year ago they shipped a couple a back-ordered the rest and I still haven't seen they a year later.
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