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  1. Eastwood has their 2 speed buffer on sale today for $99.00. 3/4 hp. Looks like a Baldor.
  2. Hey Hutz, Try this site. Y Looks like some good info Frank
  3. From what I could find, Mr. Milton M. Constam Jr. was a Baltimore resident that passed away in July of 2001. If you go to the Baltimore Sun website and pay for the obituary, it may tell you more. A google search turned up a perpetual memorial with the Baltimore Hebrew Congregation. I couldn't find anything on the White Company. Sorry! Frank
  4. Thanks Ray. I'm sorry it took so long to get back to you.
  5. Hi James, Ebay is ok if you have a level of comfort with it. I would definitely pick up a Hemmings Motor News at your local Borders or whatever news shop you have available to you. Look in the Oldsmobile section and you can find any number of things. Good luck! Frank
  6. Thanks guys! The manual says that I need to use something about 2.25" OD for the arm's outer circumfurence and then something to wrap around the shaft and the bearing's inner circumfurence. That is the issue with me. I will work on it.
  7. I am trying to replace the bushings on the upper suspension arms on my 55 tbird. There is apparently a tool to do that, but I am unable to locate it. Anybody have a source for that tool, or a suggestion on how to do this particular repair? Thanks Frank
  8. Thanks Todd. I'll look into it.
  9. James, My condolences on your fathers passing. I know words are not enough to describe everything you are feeling. Stay safe. Frank
  10. Also, since I am thinking of it, what should be used to keep the fasteners from rusting...I am so tired of blasting and wire brushing nuts and bolts I can hardly see straight! Do you just bolt it all together and shoot it with clear?
  11. Thank you all! I was hoping for the "scuff and shoot" answer to validate my desire to get it done quicker. Also, since I am just outside of Annapolis, we are still waiting for the spring thaw and I still have a foot of snow outside the garage! So I can't take it out for blasting. I'll figure out something to strip it down! And yes, I agree Todd. I think the factory used gloss not flat on the frame. Back to Eastwood!
  12. I am in the process of trying to restore a 55 Tbird basketcase. The previous owner started and then I got the car. He had already painted the frame with Chassis Black. But, as you can see, it has started to rust. My question is...Do I need to sand the entire frame prior to re-coating with Chassis Black just to give the new paint some tooth to adhere? Thanks for any input!
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