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  1. Definitely looking forward to this build Bernie! Good luck!
  2. Something like this Bernie? If so, that is a very cool car.
  3. I think you should start a new thread in the Restorations Projects section.
  4. Congratulations Bernie and Helen! Best wishes for many more! 🥳
  5. lol.....I can't keep up with you Bernie! You are going to need to put a second story on the garage with an elevator lift.
  6. Always enjoy your postings Bernie! I look forward to seeing more of the new project!!
  7. Hello Bernie! You would probably get more eyeballs on your posts if you posted in the "Cars and Restoration Projects" section. In any case, you are doing great job. Best, Frank
  8. Good on you Bernie! I look forward to seeing what you do with this one.
  9. Hi Bernie You are absolutely right. If you can't laugh at yourself, you are taking everything too seriously. Hope you and Helen are doing well and you can get out to see your former project car soon. Frank
  10. Hello Bernie, No apologies necessary. So far, the birthday combo hasn't been very lucky for me, but I can't complain. You know what they say, it isn't the years, it is the miles...😂 As long as we wake up on the right side of the dirt, we are doing well! Best, Frank
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