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  1. I will speak for myself here Bernie and say that I am extremely grateful that you do use the forum and I get to see your cars and learn from you. So, I too am selfishly using the forum. 😉 Keep on keeping on! Frank
  2. Outstanding pics Bernie. You just totally brightened my day! And I really liked the mud flap on the back of the truck/trailer. Keep them coming! Frank
  3. I'm with you Bernie. I am not excited by the prospect of getting on a big ol ship with a bunch of other people and going sailing around the ocean. One wave looks pretty much like another to me. lol I would much rather get the TBird done and go explore Route 66 and some other back roads of the US that I haven't seen yet. Gotta get back to work now to make that happen! Frank
  4. Now that is what I am talking about! Our little development here in MD had a local food truck (Taco Friday) come set up and a couple of restaurant had their drink trucks so we had beer and margaritas/sangria for virus medication. 😉 With the proper protective gear and appropriate social distancing, we had the neighborhood out in the fresh air supporting local businesses and getting some face (mask) time.
  5. I hear you Bernie. We are in lockdown mode here also. Can't wait for this to pass.
  6. Is that a TDC measuring tool? That is really clever!! I may have to steal that idea from you sir!!
  7. Keep us updated Bernie. I am always interested in learning new things and when something goes wrong, it is always an opportunity. Glad you were able to get the Tasmania trip in with all the virus issues shutting everything down. Frank
  8. Happy Easter to you to Bernie. My wife, May, has been furloughed from her job, so my "Honey Do" list is revised daily. She is getting a preview of what retirement will be like. lol You are correct, I go to the garage to hide out. Off to work.
  9. Definitely looking in on you Bernie and practicing my "social distancing" 😅 Keep us updated! Frank
  10. Thanks Keiser! I think you are correct sir!!
  11. When you quoted my post, I see the photo. Is it not loading for anyone else?
  12. Asked on another forum, a gentleman was looking to identify this truck. It was the one his grandfather used to deliver spring water. Any ideas?