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  1. Well, that is disappointing Bernie! However, I am sure you and Helen will have a fine time together for the rest of your journey! Safe travels!! Frank
  2. Bernie, Safe travels to you and Helen! Hopefully you will post some while you are on the road in France. Frank
  3. Mike, It may be possible for you to use a hot pipe method of wood bending to straighten out that slight dip in the bows. Check this out. That will give you an idea and I think there are other Youtube videos that may be more detailed. Good luck Frank
  4. 1955 TBird front suspension. $200 - Both sides, upper and lower A arms with spindles (one is slightly bent), backing plates, springs, spacers and mounting bolts. Mostly blasted and ready for paint or powdercoat. Used bump stops included...not shiny, but servicable. All new bushings included.1955 Power Steering Pump. $125 - Will fit most Yblock engines, but NOT TBird. Rebuilt and ready to install1955 Holley 4000 Teapot Carb. $175 - Fresh rebuild. Cleaned and soda blasted with new seals.
  5. I am not an engineer by any stretch of the imagination, so please take this with a large grain of salt. Rather than a coil spring, would it be easier to put some sort of leaf spring under the vanes?
  6. I've had luck with for parts for my 55 TBird. I thought I had a good site with, but their website is not up to date and they told me to use rearcounter. Usually easiest if you have the part number or at least a partial number.
  7. Hahahaha....Bernie you are the master. My wife used to manage a Coach handbag store and she collected a bunch. I believe she would shoot me if I attempted that move.
  8. Glad you have the opportunity to take the trip in the Lagonda Bernie! I know you and Helen will have a blast. Very smart to pack some gear in the car so you don't have to schlep it on and off the plane.
  9. Hi John, Would you have any Holley teapot carb parts? Thanks Frank
  10. Dang Bernie! Give a guy a break! I don't log in for a couple days because I am trying to rebuild the TBird carb and of course, it is missing pieces!! Is the common thing the mountains??? Frank
  11. I knew you'd get it Bernie. Somedays I just need to step back and recharge then hit it again and celebrate the matter how small. 😀
  12. Hi Bernie, I think I got explained it well. Do the little nicks/chips on the edge of the cone affect the operation when the gear is engaged? Frank
  13. Trying to keep up Bernie! Now I don't know a pre-selector from a hole in the ground, but that last pic seems to have a couple of bits missing! Frank
  14. Very slick! Also looks like there would be very little wear on the adjuster ring and the set screw or tail plate.
  15. Sounds like you need to start tracing wires. Is the battery putting out sufficient voltage? Good voltage to the window switch and is the switch working correctly? Good voltage to the window motor? Test the motor to make sure it is working. Are all the window channels clear and will the window move up and down smoothly (ie. check the mechanism for make sure it is not binding)?