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  1. I found another set of body clips on the frame so it may not be the original body.
  2. more shots at http://forums.aaca.org/f169/shots-my-foumula-vee-without-bod-316959.html
  3. I got the car out of the trailer tonight and shot so pictures with out the body. I tried to addthm to the other post but it wouldn't let me. So here they are: No luck up loading them her either I get: "Your submission could not be processed because a security token was missing. If this occurred unexpectedly, please inform the administrator and describe the action you performed before you received this error."
  4. I got the car out of the trailer tonight and shot so pictures with out the body. Here they are:
  5. It has been solo race up till a few years ago, the car is made for a large driver. the gas tank fills the nose so I think it is the correct nose, and I see no signs of modification or welding on the frame except to added protection of the shifter linkage in the rear and they never painted it just ground the frame and welded it on. it looks like a kit of some kind to me as all the frame non- VW parts are painted white and all the VW stuff is black or original paint. The driver sets very upright and no engine scoops or spoilers so I am thinking it is a very early Fromula Vee. I guy I got it from took off the 15 inch wheels and put the wide 13's in it for solo. it will look a lot different with narrow 15's on it. I found a photo of 1963 Formula Vee that was very similar except the roll bar was narrower and less square and the engine cover was rounded. If I ever get a break from this weather I'll get it out of the trailer and in to the garage and get so chassis shots and post them. Just got it out of the barn and home Sunday evening in the rain and rain and snow ever since and I have to do a couple car shuffle to get it and the trailer where they belong and I don't want to do that in the rain. I posted on the Midwestern Counsel web forum and I am hoping to here something there. I looked thought there archive and lots of Formula Vee shots but no photos showing a car with the square roll bar. I did find a number 123 registered in some races in there vintage paper work from some race in 68.
  6. I am looking for some stock mid 60's VW Beetle steel 15" wheels. I need 4 could use 8. these are the 5 wide or 5 x 205mm. Rusty OK as long as they can be cleaned up, blasted and painted.
  7. i have purchase an old Formula Vee Race Car that I intend on restoring and having some fun with as well as showing it. I am working on getting it certified and am collection information. I need help finding more information about this car. 1. Contest/Event Documentation (registration sheet, contest results, any publication or program) 2. Photographic Documentation (A photograph of the car during the time it was race) 3. Ownership Documentation A statement from the owner/owners stating this is the frame or chassis used to race over 25 years ago. The car has several Midwestern Council stickers on it so I think that is where it raced or at least auto crossed in it's later life. Please look at the car it looks to me like it has never been repainted so I hope you’ll recognize it. The car has a unique squared off roll bar. I hope to fine a pictures of the car with it’s original 15 inch wheels. 60's 70's Please send any information you have: former owners, where it race?, photos, anything. Jay David Wolf 2226 E. Apache Lane Vincennes IN 47591 Jwolf@vinu.edu 812 888 4172 Here are the photos I have that taken a several years ago when the car was still together.
  8. I am looking for some stock mid 60's VW Beetle steel 15" wheels. I need 4 could use 8. these are the 5 wide or 5 x 205mm. Rusty OK as long as they can be cleaned up, blasted and painted.
  9. Good thing I posted this, as I noticed a misspelled word in time to get it corrected otherwise we would have had to give and award for the best red engine.
  10. Tomorrow is the Vincennes University Auto Club Car Show in Vincennes Indiana It's always a great show with lots to do, and great cars. Any AACA Member is welcome. We finished the awards last night and they look great. If you would like more information contact me.
  11. Changing Carburator and a 1928 Model A Ford - YouTube <iframe width="560" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/fA26IPTdh2U" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  12. Once again I was not looking, I just took the picture but I got a PM from the seeker of the Packard Parts and he has gotten a hold of the seller and they are working out a deal so thanks for the help.
  13. The best way to do that is to have a judge look over the before or after a meet or have them stop by some other time and look at it. AACA judging is done so fast a judge never catches all the deductions. so let a judge look the car for an hour and they can tell you what they would suggest you fix.
  14. I think what you have to remember are the judges are car people, and Hershey is a hectic place on show day for the judges, many like me start our 12 hour drive home as soon as we are done judging, so most likely the judge was just admiring and looking at your car as a spectator, not prejudging it. Most judge have a special interests in the type car they are judging and during judging at Hershey you really don't have time to look and any part of the car other than the part you are judging. Relax the judges aren't out to get you. I would venture to say every judge has been in your shoes showing a car.
  15. Thanks ny friend I was walking with me agrees it was in the green field about 1/2 way in as we split when he stopped at a Packard place to talk. If I look at the program Green field Packard people from CT are: Robert McGowan George Simone either of those ring a bell?
  16. I post my Hershey pictures Tues, and have since got and request for information about one of my pictures I can not answer. A Fellow AACA member is wanting to purchase something that is in this picture. Does anyone on the list know who all this Packard Stuff belongs to so we can connect the two and make both of them Happy?
  17. http://beaver.vinu.edu/10-08-2011%20%20Hershey/Hershey%20%202011%20AACA%20Fall%20National.htm
  18. I didn't mean it was not on "the" way to Hershey, I meant that I have visited it several times but not during "my trips" to Hershey. I stop there during a ride from Vintage Motorcycle Day's at Mid Ohio. I am coming up to Indy Sunday and we are heading out from Indy Monday 8 am and I think we are stopping Cabela's near Wheeling.
  19. We have stopped at Dayton and Youngstown Packard Museums even though both are closed Mondays we made arrangement's and met someone. Stopped several times at the Air Force Museum. Motorcycle Museum just east of Columbus Not on the way to Hershey but stop at the AMA museum every year during VMD. We stopped at Swigart Museum before the auction when they still have the old Olds. What is still in there, I thought the sold ther best cars and I am not in to spitunes and his other collectibles. But might worth returning. But this is the kind of stuff I am looking for. Thanks. I think we may stop at Cabela's this year. You driving the Packard?
  20. Only 2 weeks away we will be head to Hershey for 23 consecutive year. 4 of use will meet up in Indianapolis early Monday morning (the 3rd) and head out I70 in the Buick Roadmaster Wagon. Every year we try to find some thing with in 30 miles or so miles to stop and look at to break up the trip. I have run out of ideas. Anyone have any suggestion of collections, museums , great places to eat or anything 4 older car guy would enjoy?
  21. Check with the cost to insure them and you see why they have disappeared.
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