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  1. Correct about all 1927 Franklins having wood frames . In 1928 long wheelbase cars only have steel frames all others have wood frames. From then on all frames are steel until the end. The wood frames are 3 ply second growth white ash and are very strong and durable. They also give a little bit going down the road that is why Franklins are known for a smooth riding car . Where you notice the sag the most is between the hood where it fits to the cowl . Some restorations as of recent actually had an arch built into the wood frame so that’ when the car was finished it was straight . I have a 27 boat tail with a new frame done in 1966 . It still looks good . Franklins are great cars but the people in the club are even better .
  2. There is a 1926 Franklion touring car that just came up for sale in the Franklin club .He is asking 25k for it but I am sure you can get it a little cheaper . Will post if interested
  3. A friend has a Cole in North New Jersey . Rare cars .
  4. Just got back from the Trek. There was a 1926 touring car for sale in Pa. on the board . I can post more info if you want .
  5. I have used intercity lines and have never had a problem. highly recommended
  6. The Log hauler looks like a Hayes our Pacific . Not 100% sure . They use a water spray system on the brakes so they do not heat up too much and lose the brakes . There are small upright steel posts holding the logs then chained down to the truck . The drivers who drove them had no fear .
  7. I have had my 1965 F350 for 37 years . Worked it to death for about 20 some then totally restored it. Rack body ,Dual wheels 352 , 4 speed 4.88 spicer rear . A real beast . Once pulled out a stuck well drilling rig . I had about 3 ton in the back and did not even spin a wheel. BUY IT . And restore it. You will love it .
  8. Try Sprayon LU103 or a 50 50 combo of acetone and automatic trans fluid .
  9. The museum in Norwich has the largest Franklin collection anywhere. The Brockway museum in Cortland is also a must see . Have not been to the Pierce museum but on the bucket list . Happy 4th to all
  10. I would recommend Intercity Lines. Have used them many times and never any issues.
  11. My friend Patrick Reeve owns Reeve enterprises an engine rebuilding company and may be able to help . He also has an Auburn . His number is 315 655 8812
  12. I have gone every year since 1995. This year was the absolute biggest and best. Definitely agree with EVERYONE stopping and saluting the Flag . When I go to something like this it makes me proud to be an American .
  13. I have always used Intercity. NEVER a problem .
  14. Call Jim Moyer at Moyers gas tank service in Pa. He can fix it. 724 836 4680. He just repaired my 29 Franklin tank that had similar problems . Looks great cost about 450. Great guy
  15. Call Stew Paquette in Leesburg Florida .352 728 3588 He is an International guy thru and thru and may be able to help if he does not have the part .
  16. Yes that was a Studebaker President and he did a beautiful restoration on that car . I think he sold that for about 30k and it was muchnicer than this one . Plus it was a President with the big 8
  17. They do good work but that time frame is outrageous. I would start calling him every week and bug him to get them done .
  18. Great opportunity for talented body and paint guy. 1929 Franklin Model 130 4 door sedan. Completely rebuilt engine and transmission. New tires and tubes, new king pins, new wiring harness, and splash pans. Most chrome redone. Most new glass. Car is complete. Runs, starts, and stops. Brakes completely rebuilt, wood wheels refinished. Many extra parts. Needs paint, interior, and to be reassembled. Asking 20K.
  19. Yes definitely Canadian if it is the original engine . The only engine that came with a 1958 Pontiac is the 370 v 8 . You could get different horsepower / carb options
  20. That is correct . The 130 fender lights and bases are smaller than the 135,137. If you are in the Franklin club call Doug Hull in NJ . His number is in the roster . If he does not have any he might know who does .
  21. Ron, i have found one . Thank you
  22. Looking for an excellent used hood for a 1971 Ford f 250 a friend is restoring . Any help appreciated . Thank you
  23. Looking for a 1971 Ford truck hood. a good friend is restoring his F250 4x4 and needs a good hood. We are in NJ but willing to travel . Thank you
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