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  1. Well, that was -10 for me. Radials and the wrong style whitewall. I don't care. I like them and I had a good time.
  2. Found these in the glove box of my 73. There's 2 of them, plastic. What are they for? Guessing something to do with the shoulder belt? Dollar included for scale. Thanks in advance, wiseacres.
  3. Looking for the Riviera Turbine wheel covers which were optional on the boattail. 15" with the Riviera R inside an oval, with black turbine fins. NO SCRATCHES or NICKS, ETC. Must be in good condition. I'll take what you have assuming excellent condition. Message me here.
  4. Ditto to both. My first large show, with tons of cool Buicks, and many other cars to ogle. As for radials, they were an option for mine, too and mine was bought new with them, but I don't know how judges treat that when there is an option. I guess you'd have to prove it somehow??
  5. I just had to deal with this on my 73. There were 2 radiators for that year, one with the overflow on the passenger side by the cap, the other on the driver's side. The re-core person said it was best to just replace it as mine was in really bad shape (could have been looking for more $$, who knows?). So I did end up replacing with a US made aftermarket, which has been rock solid so far. I would caution you to consider replacing the water pump and the thermostat at the same time, since they're all connected. My water pump seemed fine but I did replace the thermostat. A guy I met at a show said that his water pump only lasted about 75,000 miles, but who knows how the car was treated before or while he had it.
  6. I've started watching the American Top Gear and they're become somewhat tolerable. Still not as ridiculous as the original Brits (especially if you're a fan of British comedy, like me) but not bad.
  7. It was the cam on the carb. $100 to fix it and runs like new.
  8. Hard to hear it shifting from 1 to 2, also. So I'm not sure if it is shifting at all. Taking it to the shop on Monday. Fortunately too busy to drive it this weekend anyway. I'll be passing these comments along to the shop.
  9. Thanks. The shifting issue seems a bigger problem. I just ran it to 55 and it seemed stuck in 2nd gear, like it was racing. I don't have a tach in the car so not sure, but even my wife noticed last night (which means it's really pronounced). Guess I need to have it looked at.
  10. 1973 Buick Riviera, 455CI with 4 bbl factory carb. Recently seems to idling fast, even when warmed up. Is there two idle speeds on this car/motor? Also, last night it seems not to shift into 3rd. At what speed/rpm does the transmission typically upshift from 1 to 2, 2 to 3?
  11. Based on the documentary I think Geraldine Carmichael found a naive inventor looking to improve the world with a car that had a lot of flaws. She capitalized on the inventor's naivete and took deposits from a public terrified of running out of gas. Con artists are always con artists. It's what they do. It's possible that the big 3 also wanted it to fail, but I don't think that car ever would have been a success.
  12. I wish this were true nationwide. Neither one within 5 miles of me does.
  13. Having lots of time and little else to do (thanks covid) I've read that Seafoam is not the best antidote to water in the line because it contains ethanol. If you can't get pure gas Stabil 360 is recommended as the best bet, although I've also found some comment not to do that, either.
  14. I have one of those big, heavy covers with elastic gathers, and it's HUGE. The size of a futon. I don't need all that for my own garage, just a spandex sheet or something to keep the dust off. Recommendations for a more compact cover?
  15. Speculation, but if I have a network which could potentially generate a lot of revenue by being seen on a popular show, I'd want my cut. After all, media networks are all about getting eyes and ears and keeping them. That's worth $$$.
  16. Sounds like the kind of train wreck guilty pleasure I crave occasionally. More details? I also liked Orange County Choppers (or whatever it was called) but as they started shifting to charity show bikes and the family drama it got a little sappy for me.
  17. So what's your fave car-based "reality" show? Counting Cars Fast N Loud Top Gear (original British cast) Top Gear (American version) Top Gear (new British cast) World Tour ___________ Not ranking or posting an opinion, that's just all I can think of.
  18. "I don't need to watch it, Dottie, I live it."
  19. Bullitt The Seven-Ups (second best car chase of all time, after Bullitt, IMO) and also because there's a suicide door lincoln in that one Ronin has some good chases in it also I also get sucked into Nash Bridges when it is on. That 'Cuda
  20. What is that (the vehicle, not the barn)?
  21. Look good. Keep us posted on how they drive.
  22. I'm half vaccinated (Moderna) and had no side effects. However, my 5G reception has NOT increased as QAnon and all the rest promised would happen. Hopefully, it will pick up after the 2nd injection. So disappointed.
  23. NE Illinois was nice last week but I didn't get it out as the tires are a little shaky and we're now seeing low 40s and rain all week. Maybe another 10 days.
  24. I saw a documentary on the distribution of polio vaccines and there were a lot of the same issues as today. You can thank the 1950's equivalent of Qanon, the John Birch Society for that. It took a push from religious leaders getting vaccinated to get the public behind it. The more things change ...
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