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  1. Man, I missed that gorgeous area. While in school there we used to go to Junction,TX to buy Coors 🍺 since that’s about east they delivered from Colorado back in 1973. That was only once a month since $ was tight in the meantime we had to settle for Boone’s Farm cheap 🍷
  2. Just went by what they published, dint look at the cars except the 53 Buick.
  3. looks like an actual photo from 1953.here is the link https://blog.retroplanet.com/mels-drive-in-diner/
  4. This is what I used as primer tinted to match the paint color. I ran out of primer (5 gal pail) after covering the larger walls inside and out. I will need about another gallon to finish the 3.5 walls, one side only. Paint is next
  5. I swore the Buick was behind the Caddy and in front of the VW!
  6. Gauging by the other cars that 50 was not so old and yet look at the misaligned molding on the rear door. In 2020, I make an effort to properly align mines
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