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  1. https://music.amazon.com/albums/B003TD5Z7S?trackAsin=B003TDATEM&ref=dm_sh_629a-a359-dmcp-74de-0bf94&musicTerritory=US&marketplaceId=ATVPDKIKX0DER Those were the days!
  2. Buick trademarks installed today. Don’t like the way bolts threaded into the hood ornament base Kind of loose play so loctite will be used.
  3. Got it! i inverted the worn rubber gasket until I order new ones in the future
  4. This is what a Southern Florida State police radio call will sound like: “Attention all units, any units in the area, BOLO for a gold in color vintage sedan signal 12 traveling at high speed almost causing multiple signal 4‘s. High roller last seen traveling northbound on SR 871 extension approaching SR 836. Time delay about 2 mikes. Reporter no longer on line, station clear at 10:03. (Unit) MIA 672......(Dispatch) 672 MIA, in the area 10-54, 10-25, show me 10-98. “ Never going to catch that”
  5. Nope! Not long enough. The only thing I can think is that the rubber gasket is already flat and worn not given that snug fit allowing the clips to secure to the housing. Might have to order new gaskets or bring out the exacto knife and make my own
  6. Ed, wished I had more room but that’s all I got! The enclosed trailer is presently parked in a friends side yard which is even tighter and when parking it, requires two person to back it in for look out due to house roof eve corners. I seldom use except Long distance car shows. I will use extra eyes once I park over here in the future leaving some space behind so I can at least open the rear ramp door. The RV is 23’ and I would be able to even open the only slide out with extra space. When the time comes I will post the parking arrangements. Hey, I can always park my Buicks there without a hassle. Al
  7. https://www.ebay.com/itm/173193876661 Found this kit with all the parts. I have all those parts so I think I might be mounting something wrong. Those clips were attached to the bezel. Could they need to be snapped into the lens? Will double check tomorrow.
  8. That’s the same schematic found on the shop manual but it does not tells me the lens mounting procedure.
  9. The narrow end is about 11’ wide and the front is about 16’ very tight but I will manage. Traffic is light on residential area. At least I can use some space compared to the unused slope that I had.
  10. Due to Hurricane/Tropical Storm Isaias, the tie beam forms were not removed, did not want any flying debris however; the storm never materialized. Looking forward to continue the project.
  11. Definitely I’m missing something. I think 50, 51 52 are all alike, maybe someone with those model years can check for me. In the meantime, I Installed both rear fender welts and secure the fenders to the body. Rear scripts and spear moldings were installed as well along with tail lamps housing. Since I removed the “roller” wheels and tires to secure the fenders, I decided to install the new rear tires. Coming along.
  12. What I’m I missing here? I got this car completely disassembled and it looks that I’m missing some kind of clip or something to hold the tail lenses. The tail lamp door has couple of clips but????? Shop manual does not show me Procedure. They stay loose when trim is attached.
  13. I will sell some of the stuff for car money. Call AMERICAN PICKERS!
  14. I wasn’t, I was going to do crushed lime rock fill and then was to finish with medium pea rock (#57) but changed my mind. Whatever I do the above fill has to be compacted first
  15. I think I should have delayed the retirement
  16. Too bad the avatar name “Retirenow” is taken.!
  17. Just had time to install the headlamps. Since I just retired today 07/31/2020 at 2:00 PM I will hopefully have more time to put Toby together. It will be done at my leisure to really enjoy the hobbies except I just was given the largest honey do list ever.
  18. We use crushed limestone rocks around here for fill and base purposes, I was going to finish with a white medium pea-rock due to cost then I thought that turf blocks will be a good idea but pricey. The contractor keeps telling me to stop crying and do a nice thing to wife’s liking like a individual rectangular concrete slabs randomly arranged which is the latest on driveway finish. This way I can fill the gaps with polished river rocks or artificial grass. Hmm, maybe go this way so I can have a multipurpose patio area. For final inspection the wall have to be stuccoed And painted. Landscaping can be done at a later time. Ain’t planning to park there for a while. Have to break in the neighbors which they are like a an extended family. Don’t know if that is totally a good thing.
  19. The wall is only 6’ tall, I will have to reach 12’ to hide the motorhome which is 11’ height due to roof AC. The trailer sits lower. I will do landscaping outside the wall to accomplish this.
  20. Would you please let me admire the Buick? Thank you