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  1. Donald, I purchase a set of inner & outer rocker panels from Classic 2 Current Fabricators for my 1950 Super Sedan Model 51. They did not fit properly and major modification was in order. I decide to fabricate new ones from scratch. A local metal man that work on old cars did it for me. You can see them here under “Me and My Buick” “Meet Toby my 50 Model 51 Project” thread. I kept the car 6 Volts. I love Lucy, wish I had a convertible!
  2. Showing some rear. Next will be upholstery shop for headliner install then glass shop. I see some light at the end of the tunnel.
  3. I keep coming back to this picture to find the Buick but can’t find it.
  4. Today I got the front bumper, grille and mustache installed. The front bumper guards still at the plating shop.
  5. All 9 grille tooth are waiting to be installed. They have been wrapped and in storage since the date on the newspaper. It was about time
  6. Wish I could see some pictures
  7. 15 year old girl drawing. Imported from FB
  8. Door handle retaining clip. Need only one for my 50.
  9. This is the defective door handle retaining clip. Does anybody have one for sale?
  10. Today I got front door moldings, a mirror, hubcaps with trim rings and 3 of 4 door exterior handles. I need a handle retaining plate for one of the doors. One was rusted beyond useful. Does anybody have any around?
  11. Are we going to keep track of Buttercup? Sad to see her go.
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