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  1. No can do sewer line as much as I want but now I seat too low and the closest line is about 4' higher. If I start at street level, I would have to dig the whole front yard through existing retaining walls and brick driveway to tie in. Need more than one night job and much $$$$. So I figure is not worth it and must self contain till flush. My son has a sewer set up two houses away so I can use his if I have to dump gray/black water. But you are welcome any time to park the Argosy and stay, free partial hook up! The concrete contractor wants to pour 4" fiberglass reinforced 3500 PSI. I wanted 6"
  2. Inside front view of the RV space. A concrete slab is next. The “H” bracket is for a 125 AMP power outlet panel that houses 50, 30 and 20 amps receptacles for the motorhome. Water supply was also added. How about that “Moon over Miami”?
  3. This is what I was talking about. The Mrs has not stopped either!
  4. Post Castro at my hometown of Santa Clara, 🇨🇺. The old drug store building sits in a corner frequently visit by tourist thus the Fresh paint but if you walk couple of blocks away, You can clearly see deterioration. Notice the spear moldings missing on the car.
  5. Still at it, not easy shoveling 12 yards of soil and a yard of sand and wheeling into newly formed plant beds that are 3.5’ deep and over the wall. All this on 95 plus degrees weather. I must have drank over a gallon of water throughout the day to keep hydrated.
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