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  1. Raul is a personal friend and not able to drive his model A anymore. The family has asked me to help them sell the car. I thought that this will be an excellent place to display the photos. I'm not familiar with the car and never had tinkered with this type of Pre-War vehicles. I'm a member and very active on the Buick Forum. If this sparks any interest, I will be willing to go and inspect the car and answer any questions through your guidance. Raul's wife Cristina has recently placed an ad on Hemmings. (item 2419530). They are asking $22,500 but I believe they are to the point that will accept an educated offer. In addition, they have send me couple of videos of engine and car running hat I will try to post on this thread. Thanks for looking
  2. Modified for drag racing? The same year of the car! Was not sure If to post it here or on modified thread.
  3. And they still smiling!
  4. The block installer contractor showed up with a 10 man crew and laid up close to 300 blocks in less than 4 hours even under the 🌧
  5. Seen today on Chasing Classic Cars. The car was at Amelia Island Concourse de Elegance
  6. Few, like the Alpha in front of the Vette
  7. My thinking is that both the architect and engineer upgrade the plans above latest codes so they can keep their 100% rejection free status. County building codes changed drastically here after 1992 Cat 5 Hurricane Andrew
  8. It will be like an open car port type structure but I doubt that they let me do it. will leave the footing area prepared just in case there is a zoning/permit request variance. I will keep dreaming.
  9. Exactly and I can use the oversized footing to anchor some custom made steel columns if I ever decide to put a roof