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  1. As you might expect, the real reason was a fantastic woman, great at waterskiing, fishing, off-shore boat handling, hand-thrownpottery, tour/rallye directions &driving, How about Buicks?
  2. See quite a few. Can you list them?
  3. Sorry posted the wrong today’s picture. Here it is (had to wait for the Buick to drive by)
  4. Gatlinburg, TN in the 50’s and today 11/22/2020. Still a tourist trap. There’s a Buick on today’s picture
  5. Your comments reminds me of the movie “My Cousin Vinny”
  6. King Ranch edition? Seen this at the King Ranch Museum in Kingsville, TX
  7. There’s an array of old dealership photos under Buick Photos and Videos forum. You may find something under this thread. Architecture and Signage: Historic Buick Dealerships
  8. Clips came in and second rear molding was installed
  9. Harley Earl went on vacation. This is what happens when you leave Cadillac, Buick, Olds and Pontiac designers without supervision.
  10. By the other cars, this must of been on the 70's ?
  11. Dont know what that mutant vehicle is but I see some ventiports and one of these!
  12. I had a survey, plans and permits. It was built as planned.
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