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  1. Brought the car trailer to the wall enclosure, it fit like a glove given the space I originally had to work with. I can walk thru one side to access the rear door which is pictured in the open position. I can even open the side escape door that will even open over the retaining wall. It was easy to back up the trailer aligning the side with the retaining wall.
  2. Just glad that all of these photos at least associate and reminds others of certain anecdotes on their lives. My belief is that this is exactly the purpose of this forum. Al
  3. I had the opportunity and pleasure to have been able to visit the “Buick Gardens” in couple of occasions. On the first trip, ground was being broken for the Sales and Service Center and on the second trip, the center was almost finish. I echo the words of 95 Cardinal and must add that Lamar’s ongoing enthusiasm has spread throughout all of the ones that compose and participate on this and other forums. Thanks Mr. Earl for sharing your place history and related adventures. Regards to your other 1/2 that makes all your dreams come true. Saludos “We”!
  4. http://jalopnik.com/i-bet-youd-like-to-know-what-those-holes-in-the-sides-o-1818673895
  5. Got the locking clip for the last door handle, It is from a Chevy supplier. Installation will be tomorrow’s project along with multiple odds and ends.
  6. There is another molding that goes in top of the bottom one and covers about 1/4 of such molding. Waiting for clips. Thanks for the comments
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