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  1. If you have not figured out, this is a street “icee” vendor usually seen around Cuban beaches. The bottles contain syrup of different flavors. They had an ice block in the middle of the cart covered with a burlap sack. He had an ice scrapper to do his thing. I just remotely transported myself to my childhood. strawberry 🍓 flavor was my favorite.
  2. I seen a drawing of this picture before in an antique shop in Fort Pierce, Fl. Notice how they change the LP number.
  3. The GT aka “Baby Corvette” I read that it was designed by the Corvette GM team, don’t know how true is that.
  4. I googled the address and it looks like the dealership was located in Asheville, NC. Now a multi office building offered for sale.
  5. Resto on hold. Waiting for the front windshield seal
  6. The ⭕️ is pointing to a truck carrying some members of Castros revolutionary army. Castro took over on January 1st 1959 in Havana however this photo was taken few days later in my hometown of Santa Clara, 🇨🇺 Cuba. A large % of the population wanted a change which culminated in the change of government which has been a disaster for 61 years. No political comments intended, just facts. I think there is a Buick on the photo but the VW bug is blocking the view. Can’t tell what model it is.
  7. ....and he probably leave the lights on for you.....
  8. Growing among 🇺🇸 American cars, Citroen 🇫🇷 cars were a frightful thought. I remember reading about a model that could be driven with only three wheels.
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