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  1. Luckily I leave in what is call unincorporated county and not in one of the multi cities that comprehend the whole county. Even thought they have ordinances, they are more relaxed than a city ordinance. Here they let you have a trailer, a boat as long if is not longer of 30’ (have to double check on that) as long as is behind a gated enclosed yard. An RV is a different story due to some people are using as additional income housing with a “family in town’ excuse. I have never had any problems even when it was parked on the house driveway for about a year. Neighbors do not have a problem so I think parked behind the walls it will be more appealing to them. After all they are the ones that could complain. Will see. I like the BBQ and the picnic table. You all come down will throw a 🎉
  2. Just picked up on the thread. Nice project going on. Man, I wished I had all that open space. More land=more toys
  3. Found on the web, it is a Dutch family album the page was translated to English by Google
  4. Hi Greg, would like to see it! do you have an intelligent phone? If you do, just take a picture of the photo and post it from your pictures using “Click to choose files”. Al
  5. In case you are wondering how the whole corner lot looks. The “Buick Only” two car garage is only housing the 50 Buick in progress.
  6. Better yet Lamar. Hey, it just done to me! Dual purpose, I can decorate or landscape with a lush flowering vine that will give me the wanted height.
  7. There is not a thumb down icon on the thread!
  8. I Think I see a 55 but can’t tell what model it is
  9. If this is a fixed wheel skirt, I wonder how do they remove the tire and wheel?
  10. Seen today on American Pickers. $2,200 was offered. No deal was made.