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  1. Same guy as above? Different car. I see a similar stone chimney on the house. If so, the gentleman is truly a Buick guy
  2. Baby steps, few more pieces of the puzzle.Today left side “Super” script, front fender and front door side moldings.
  3. The other two boxes are in the front. Driving to the paint store to see about primer sealer and paint or paint already mixed with primer. What do you guys 🤔. Almost time to paint.
  4. Built 6 dummy 2x4 covered with 5/8” plywood lids attached with tapcons to the existing concrete footing (remember the 40” wide permit required?) This will be covered by fill when they come today to level the ground. Possible steel column base in case I decide to built a future canopy or roof.
  5. First visitor to my plastered wall, no Buick relation. Not even Geico.
  6. She doesn’t Mention buicks on her song but Big Mamá has a heart of one https://ceciliakirtland.bandcamp.com/track/big-mama-2
  7. Make, model and year? Please? Need to post results in a FB thread from my hometown of Santa Clara, Cuba 🇨🇺 Thanks.
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