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  1. He is doing it except he did not finished. The man worked till 17:00 And will be back tomorrow morning. Needs to glaze, wash and wax.
  2. Another site view, the only place to grow space on my property. From house 🏠 footing to street level is 4’. The two car garage is on the other front side of the Home
  3. I’m a week away from retirement and decided to expand my side yard to accommodate my enclosed car trailer and my small motorhome. Started this project about 3 weeks ago. Finally I will have the toys all together and the two car garage will accommodate both of the Buicks. Space was of the essence, my house sits In a corner lot and elevated about 4’ from street level so retaining wall was required. Now to avoid female tensions, landscaping and decor must blend the architecture design. should have decided to retire a little later cause this sound like more work for me. Not a chance for those that told me that I would get bored . Like I said, not exactly a garage but all this is Buick related!
  4. Will this be the day my 50 gets finally buffed. I’m all set up for the polisher who should be here at 09:00 hours EST. It is now 08:45, Keep tuned, I’ll let you know this PM.
  5. This is what it comes to my mind when I see the above picture. Moderators, please remove if necessary but I’m posting as ART.
  6. Isn’t this the 1958 XP75 Mr Earl posted earlier?
  7. California obviously by the tags. Can’t find any other info. Will post something when and if anything is found.
  8. that grill shape always confuse me, too much corona and im' not talking about the virus!
  9. Not sure if it is a Buick