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  1. Looks easy compared to my coral rock. Good job!
  2. So far all neighbors are given me the 👍 I believe they are going to like the finish product. They are already thanking me for increasing their property values. I believe in regulations but not the ones that do not make any sense.
  3. Plaster ✅ Will seal and start painting in couple of days
  4. You know, I think I haven’t adjust to this retired life yet!
  5. Would you believe me if I told you that it took me a whole day to install solo the rear bumper, guards and trunk lock and emblem? Trunk will be to be slightly re-adjusted once I install the weather strip
  6. This woman also reminds me of that commercial “where is the beef?!”
  7. For the skylark followers, I seen at least three pictures of Larks in Cuba.
  8. Wouldn’t you rather drive a Buick
  9. Got only one 👁 for Buicks!
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