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  1. Try www.allcads.com also check the Cadillac page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com
  2. You might look at Bobs Chevy Trucks, www.bobschevytrucks.com and also LMC Trucks website. They both sell door hinge components and might have diagrams or pictures on their websites. For more parts sources for your truck checkout the Chevrolet page on https://www.vintagepickuptruck.com
  3. Check with Don’s Auto Parts, www.donsautoparts.com , he has a lot of the odd and hard to find parts, NOS and used. I am not sure if he has everything listed on his website so you might want to call him, his number is on the site.
  4. Try Tail Light King, www.taillightking.com also try Don’s Auto Parts, www.donsautoparts.com . Both have used and NOS lights, lenses, marker lamps etc... might have what you need.
  5. Checkout the Studebaker page and the Steering page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com , parts suppliers listed that might have the parts you need and also some rebuilders listed for steering components.
  6. Try the Pontiac page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com , there are several suppliers listed that have some hard to find and obsolete parts, NOS and used.
  7. Check the Ford page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com
  8. Try Don’s Auto Parts www.donsautoparts.com he has a lot of door handles, used and NOS.
  9. Checkout the Chevrolet page on https://www.vintagepickuptruck.com , you can probably find a lot of the items you need from the suppliers listed there.
  10. Try CTC Auto Ranch www.ctcautoranch.com and check the Buick page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com
  11. Try the Oldsmobile part suppliers on https://www.vintagepartsource.com
  12. Try Kanter Auto Products also check the Lincoln page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com
  13. Check the Packard page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com , there is a large list of Packard part suppliers.
  14. Try Don’s Auto Parts , www.donsautoparts.com he has a lot of used and NOS door handles for GM cars.
  15. Check the Brass Era page and Buick page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com , a lot of vintage Buick parts suppliers listed.
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