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  1. Try O and G Water Pump in Texas, they rebuild antique car water pumps and I think they also sell parts.
  2. Check there is a page dedicated to vintage Dodge truck parts suppliers, one of them might have what you need
  3. Also checkout the Oldsmobile page on several suppliers listed there that should have what you need.
  4. Checkout the Chrysler page on , several of the suppliers listed sell hub caps used and NOS and they might have what you need.
  5. Try the Dodge page on , a lot of suppliers listed that handle parts for the early Dodge trucks that might be able to help you.
  6. You might find a radiator on the Ford page on , several suppliers listed that specialize in Edsel parts.
  7. Try Don’s Auto Parts, there is a phone number on the website. Don has a lot of old manuals for GM cars.
  8. Try the Hudson page on , one of the Hudson parts suppliers listed there might be able to help. Also there is an Instrument page with suppliers that specialize in gauges, gauge parts, and instrument and gauge repair services.
  9. Checkout the Ford page on several suppliers listed that specialize or have Edsel parts including door handles
  10. Check the Buick page page on
  11. Also try Don’s Auto Parts. he has a lot of nos and used molding pieces.
  12. Try the Studebaker page on for the water pump.
  13. Check with Northfield Ltd , they make running board mats. I’m not sure if they have Studebaker mats but if they do they would know what is correct.
  14. Check the Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth page on several Plymouth parts suppliers listed that have used and nos parts, may have what you need.
  15. Check the Willy’s / Jeep page on , if they are the same as on a Willy’s wagon you will find someone listed there that has them