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  1. Check the Chevrolet page on https://www.vintagepickuptruck.com , one of the suppliers listed there might be able to help you.
  2. Try All Cadillacs of the 40’s and 50’s, www.allcads.com , also check the Cadillac page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com for some other possible sources.
  3. I think they were Dark Blue . Check Bill Hirsch Auto, www.hirschauto.com they sell engine enamel for Cadillac’s.
  4. One more vote for original. As some others have said I would prefer the original upholstery even with some wear over new that is not exactly the same. I also prefer the mechanicals original, drum brakes, 6volt etc... I like to experience the car as it was when new.
  5. Try Don’s Auto Parts, www.donsautoparts.com , he has some steering wheels, GM, Ford, Chrysler. I don’t know if he has the one you need but it could be worth checking.
  6. Checkout Pedalcar.com , you can email them a photo and they will provide info about the car.
  7. Try Don’s Auto Parts, he has a lot of NOS and used hard to find parts like you are looking for, he might be able to help.
  8. Try Kanter Auto Products, www.kanter.com and Rubber The Right Way, www.rubbertherightway.com .
  9. Try the Studebaker page on https://www.vintagepartsource.com , large list of parts sources that may be able to help you.
  10. I agree, I would not change a thing. Great looking car.
  11. Check with Don’s Auto Parts, www.donsautoparts.com. He has a lot of antique car inside door handles, they are pictured on his website. You might find something that would work.
  12. Great looking car. I think the next car I pursue will be a station wagon. When I was a kid my parents had a 1959 Plymouth wagon beige exterior and beige interior, very basic.
  13. Did you search those codes on the internet, if you do you will see they all indicate problems with bank 2 cam or cam sensor, cam too far advanced, cam sensor not communicating with crank sensor, ecm not communication problem with cam sensor. Could be bad sensor (even though you replaced it), or it seems logical that there could be a wiring issue.
  14. If no one here has one Overdrive Repairs in the UK has them, www.overdrive-repairs.co.uk
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