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  1. You might try Cadillac King or Caddy Daddy they both have Eldorado trim pieces. There also might be other sources listed on the Cadillac page on
  2. You might check with Kanter Auto Products they handle a lot of Packard parts.
  3. The Pontiac page on list several vendors that have spark plug wires and they could probably help you with the correct wire for your car.
  4. Check the website there is a page dedicated to vintage Ford pickup parts vendors but many of these vendors have parts for other Ford vehicles, large trucks and panel trucks. Maybe one of them can help.
  5. Check the Chrysler page on several vendors listed that may be able to help you.
  6. Check the Pontiac page on
  7. Checkout the Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth page on
  8. Check with They restore starters and have some parts.
  9. Checkout the Dodge page on
  10. Checkout the Ford page on
  11. Checkout the Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth page on
  12. There is a guy that sells color wiring diagrams on ebay for vintage cars. I don’t have a link to it but you could go to ebay motors and search wiring diagrams.
  13. Checkout the Chrysler page on and also the Interior Parts page.
  14. Checkout the Instrument page on
  15. Checkout the Chrysler / Dodge / Plymouth page on also the Instrument page and the Electrical Parts page.