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  1. My college car (1941 Luxury Liner), last year for running boards, first year for fluid drive, as i recall? Great car, wish it was closer!
  2. West, incorporated within the muffler.
  3. No, John G but George may have info also!
  4. Alsancle, sorry I do not, mine was custom built because it was in pretty tough shape. However, the Stutz club technical man is currently constructing five for club members who need them. You may try contacting him on the Stutz sight, good luck!
  5. The 29-30 Stutz M had a factory cut-out and so did the 32 SV16, guessing Stutz had it until the end?
  6. 48 Super, I would be interested in #1 @ #2, could you please email me at chas36dda@gmail.com. Thanks, Charlie
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