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  1. I have been using POR15 and POR15 TopCoat for several years, and love all of their products. NEVER open the lid!!!! ANY paint on rim/lid WILL prevent opening again! Poke 2 holes in the lid... one for vent - one for pouring, and screw-in 2 ea. 3/8" lag screws.... this limits "new" air in the can...... currently my can is about 3 years old...not refrigerated and seems to be still useful... I store the POR15 can upside down so if a skin forms it will be at the bottom of the can. I used these 2 coatings on my 1909 Sears Motor Buggy step plates and pedals.... after 8 years, no wear and still have like-new surfaces. Sandy Rose
  2. bdc: no state income taxes... but, plenty of other taxes hey, tongue-in-cheek... waaayy too many folks moving here and roads are jammed day and night
  3. Dwight: Measure across to the center line of the tires. My parts book for 1914 Buick B 24, offers 60" axles... the "Southern" name comes from the 60" width of cotton wagons. Many brands had that as an option. I have seen 2 or 3 Sears Motor Buggy's with 60" axles.... easy to miss the subtle difference in width. Once you see it, you are sensitized! (chuckle) Yours stood out to me. Sandy
  4. Definitely do not come to Texas! Very high summer heat.... very dusty roads... horse n' buggy traffic jams roads... taxes outlandish... expensive brick/stone houses with only one-car garages, if any... but, one redeeming feature, is that, for winter, we have self-shoveling driveways.
  5. Charlie: Sent you a PM.. I will buy them Sandy Rose
  6. Have over-size 34 x 4 1/2 on my 1914 Buick... 25" Baker rims... TXSears guy
  7. Frame plate from my 1914 Buick B 24 Roadster 1914 Buick M 37 Touring Sandy Rose Arlington, TX
  8. Shifter/brake floor plate for 1914 Buicks email: gsrtree@aol.com
  9. Wayne: Sell your wife, kids, dogs, and whatever will bring $$. The Old Car Festival is worth every dime that travel may cost. My first time, in 2009, I was like a deer in the headlights... just astounded by being with 8 other Sears Motor Buggies, and about 800 pre-war cars driving around Greenfield Village. People were met... friends were made! Update on Sears in the Registry, as of March 2018... 242... but at least two more have been located since then. Sandy
  10. "...In 1951 the Sears auto was only about 45 years old and practically no one was collecting old cars. " REALLY? Many folks were collecting and restoring old cars, then and earlier, hence, AACA, VMCCA, HCCA, & Glidden Tours, to attest to the brass era and pre-war era hobby. A very rich & interesting history in those organizations! As to the variety of Sears parts, in the movie, Red's character was an inventor trying different things... and things were "tricked out" for effect. In Sept 1950. my granddad received a letter from a California man who had just sold his Sears to MGM, and was hunting tow more Sears for MGM. Restoration of my granddad's Sears coincided with the open of "Excuse My Dust", and he displayed the car at his local theater. Today, there are about 240 known Sears Motor Buggies... many are still driven and shown at shows. In fact, there is planned @ the Old Car Festival this September, a Sears Gathering that is likely to have 15-20 Sears in attendance. Honking a bulb horn!
  11. The Excuse My Dust car is a Sears Motor Buggy, probably a Model G ... http://searsmotorbuggy.com/ The movie is available and worthwhile family viewing. Excuse My Dust | WB Shop Three & maybe four Sears were bought and one was lost in the river. Three of those still survive today and are listed in the Sears Motor Buggy Registry. Texas Sears Guy G. Sandy Rose
  12. contact me GSRTREE@AOL.COM will send pics of the system I use for my 1909 Sears... lightly sprung car...bounces 6-ways like a pogo, stick if not tied sufficiently. Sandy Rose Arlington, TX 1909 Sears 1914 Buick B 24 Roadster