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  1. Going thru collections of my grandfather, I recently found & read Geo. Schuster's book... signed by him. Great story.... I had seen a few photos of George in my gramps collection but did not know who he was... now I have to dig thru stuff to find them. In later years, Schuster lived in Springville, NY, about 60 miles from my gramps.. my brother said that he drove gramps to Springville...I wonder if that was to meet Mr. Schuster and had him autograph his book Sandy Rose Arlington, TX
  2. looks almost like a drawer pull sold as ACE Hardware... that is what I used on my 14 Buick.
  3. For parts too large to dip, wrap them in a couple of layers of paper towels.. and re-wet over a several hours, if needed. This keeps Evaporust in contact with parts and requires less material. Evaporust has seen me thru 2 restorations!
  4. An insight as to how Sears were shipped.... You bought it… you build it – 1910 Sears | Hemmings Daily Sandy
  5. Trimacar: David is in our Regional HCCA group and mentioned that he once restored a Sears.. interesting man. If you know the serial number , I can check the Sears Registry for current owner, if it is listed. Sandy
  6. There is only one known surviving 1907 Krotz prototype "Sears Motor Buggy"... read article.... Sears Motorbuggy Homepage - 1907 Krotz - Sears Prototype #1 At my last count, on the Sears Registry, there are about 255 known Sears Motor Buggy's are the world. Every few months another Sears shows up, not previously registered. How many more are there, hidden? There were 3 recent "Sears Gatherings" @ the Old Car Festival; 2009, 2011, 2013, & 2018, with as many as 11 cars on display and driven in Greenfield Village, and I have trailered mine to all of those "Gatherings"..... great fun to see other Sears! Old Car Festival Greenfield Village Ford Museum 2011 Sears - YouTube OCF1_015.jpeg (640×427) 2018 I "claimed" my Gramps Sears, in 1951, just after he finished the restoration of a "basket case". In 2011, I finished the second restoration and it is a jewel to drive and show, sitting among modern cars. Sandy Rose 1909 Sears Model H Arlington, TX
  7. At the start of my digging into my 1914 Buick B 24, I found that the main center panel of the body tub had been replaced in a 1930's-40's restoration. A "Velvet Ice Cream" sign was revealed under the tool box lids. Contacting the company, in Ohio, hoping to determine the year-range of the sign, the company said that it was not their sign, but there were many companies with that name. Sandy Rose Arlington, TX
  8. I have been using POR15 and POR15 TopCoat for several years, and love all of their products. NEVER open the lid!!!! ANY paint on rim/lid WILL prevent opening again! Poke 2 holes in the lid... one for vent - one for pouring, and screw-in 2 ea. 3/8" lag screws.... this limits "new" air in the can...... currently my can is about 3 years old...not refrigerated and seems to be still useful... I store the POR15 can upside down so if a skin forms it will be at the bottom of the can. I used these 2 coatings on my 1909 Sears Motor Buggy step plates and pedals.... after 8 years, no wear and still have like-new surfaces. Sandy Rose
  9. bdc: no state income taxes... but, plenty of other taxes hey, tongue-in-cheek... waaayy too many folks moving here and roads are jammed day and night
  10. Dwight: Measure across to the center line of the tires. My parts book for 1914 Buick B 24, offers 60" axles... the "Southern" name comes from the 60" width of cotton wagons. Many brands had that as an option. I have seen 2 or 3 Sears Motor Buggy's with 60" axles.... easy to miss the subtle difference in width. Once you see it, you are sensitized! (chuckle) Yours stood out to me. Sandy
  11. Definitely do not come to Texas! Very high summer heat.... very dusty roads... horse n' buggy traffic jams roads... taxes outlandish... expensive brick/stone houses with only one-car garages, if any... but, one redeeming feature, is that, for winter, we have self-shoveling driveways.
  12. Charlie: Sent you a PM.. I will buy them Sandy Rose
  13. Have over-size 34 x 4 1/2 on my 1914 Buick... 25" Baker rims... TXSears guy
  14. Frame plate from my 1914 Buick B 24 Roadster 1914 Buick M 37 Touring Sandy Rose Arlington, TX
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